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Q & A With Fashion Speedster, Sara Näse

Where Fashion, Exotic Cars, and European Roads Come Together.

Meet Sara Näse, blogger and founder of Get Palmd and Colcorsa. Two totally different companies with one thing in common; fast cars and beautiful roads throughout Europe. While some people dream of driving an exotic Ferrari thru gorgeous back roads, Sara Näse lives it. And if you thought fashion, cars, and speed couldn’t connect.. think again because Sara is here to prove they do.

ChicMoto chatted it up with Sara for our Influencer Interview Series because, well… Sara brings a very different perspective to this interview with her two car businesses. Plus, she loves cars, loves fashion, and lives in Europe. Why wouldn’t we reach out?!

Sara was born in Finland where she grew up watching Formula 1. Her love for cars truly sparked in her 20’s after she worked for various car companies throughout Europe planning events. She decided to take her passion for cars elsewhere to create her company, Colcorsa. A company built around the idea of driving back roads in perfect cars. You will soon read more about Colcorsa below, but for now, just know that if you ever want to drive great European back roads in a classic car (or exotic if you can handle the speed!), going fast and enjoying the view, Sara is the one to call. As she put it If I can offer them experiences in “once in a lifetime” cars, perfect!

She also runs a car blog called Get Palmd. Talk about staying busy! Her blog originally started back in 2008 with the idea of creating a fashion blog, but she quickly realized that cars and driving where her true passion and she much rather share that passion with the world.

I realized I just want to drive, drive, drive. Explore new places.”

Since then the new Get Palmd quickly grew, sharing her driving trips and passion for cars. Like her tagline mentions “skip the diamonds, I just want a fast car.”

Ok, enough of the sneak peaks. Let’s get to the full interview with Sara Näse! You can follow Sara on all her social accounts, which you can find in her blog Get Palmd. Make sure to subscribe to her YouTube account if you want some awesome videos of amazing back roads and beautiful cars. I mean, what better way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon than by watching her scenic drives!

Q & A With Fashion Speedster, Sara Näse.

sara nase driving

CM: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Have you always loved cars and if so, what was your favorite car growing up?

SN: I was born in Finland 1988 to a Swedish-speaking family, and I lived in Finland for more than 20 years before I made the decision that I want to move abroad. One of my best memories from my childhood are the Formula 1 weekends with my uncle and his family. It was like a small tradition to watch it on TV – qualifying on Saturday, race on Sunday. It was the time when Mika Häkkinen and Michael Schumacher had some amazing battles – and oh that joy when Häkkinen won. My favourite car in my childhood was his red BMW, I have spent so many hours in that car listening to Enigma. So I have a few nice car related memories from my childhood (but I was more interested in horses to be honest), but cars did not really become a passion before I was in my early 20’s.

CM: Europe has amazing backroads and beautiful cars. Has living in Europe inspired you to create your company, Colcorsa? Can you tell us about Colcorsa?

SN: After working some years for companies organizing car events I took a risk and started my own business earlier this year. Since I love to discover amazing driving roads in fun cars it was clear that if I could make my passion my job, I had to try! I am hopefully going to work for at least 30 more years, and those 30 years I would want to work with something that is exciting.

Colcorsa offers luxury driving tours on the best roads in Europe in supercars, sports cars, and classic cars. There are so many driving routes in Europe that are difficult to plan yourself, unless you have been here before. If you are driving a high performance rental car, which you perhaps only have for a day or two, you would want to make sure that you use the kilometres wisely on scenic roads. If I can help people discover new places, I want to do that. If I can offer them experiences in “once in a lifetime” cars, perfect! I really put a lot of heart in this and what I want to achieve is a smile on someone’s face, and to hear they just had the drive of a lifetime.

CM: What about Get Palmd, your car blog. Has this always been your passion to start a car fashion/lifestyle blog or did it originally start out with something else in mind?

SN: I started writing the Get Palmd blog already in 2008, but for many years it was a really small personal blog where I mainly posted photos of fashion and my travels. In 2010-2011 I started to post more car stuff, since I was living with a guy who was a real car freak – we even had boxes with car parts in our kitchen. I did not mind studying a gear wheel while having breakfast, and with him I got really into cars and wanted to learn more about them. When that relationship ended my thought was “now or never, now I have to leave Finland or I will be stuck here forever”. I packed everything I owned in my mother’s car and announced I am going on a road trip with my dog. I might come back, or I might not – I did not know where I would end up. 58 days later I returned from a 7500 km road trip, but not many months later I actually then moved abroad.

That was when my road trip passion really started – I realized I just want to drive, drive, drive. Explore new places. I understood I do not need another person to do things with. It is not an excuse to wait because you are afraid to follow your dreams alone. It is surprisingly nice to road trip solo (or with a dog, you never feel lonely if you have a dog in the passenger seat). You can stop whenever you want, and drive as much as you want. If you want to drive all night and finally park on the top of a mountain road to watch a sunrise, you can.

There is a freedom you only feel when you are in a car, because you can really go anywhere you want as long as there is a road that takes you there. That is the feeling I want to share with the readers, and that is what Get Palmd is mostly about today. Journeys with cars, “the world’s greatest driving roads in the best driver’s cars”.

CM: I know you get to drive a ton of amazing cars. What is your favorite car, year, color.. and why?!

SN: My favorite car is actually the one I have not even driven yet! It is a first generation Honda NSX, the pre-facelift with the pop-up headlights. Manual gearbox of course, and yellow would be amazing. I saw the photo of the car in a magazine many years ago and knew that is the car I want to have. When I saw videos of it – especially the ones with Ayrton Senna – I have probably shed a few tears too. Some owners have offered me their cars if I wanted to test drive one. Some also tell me it is not that special and will feel underpowered compared to many of the other cars I have driven. But the thing is that because I have dreamed of it for so many years, it does not matter if it isn’t exactly what I imagine it to be when I buy and drive one. It will still be my dream car, with all of its flaws – if it has any.

From the cars I have driven, if I can only give one answer, I would have to say the BAC Mono. Simply because it is so different from all the other cars I have tried. I know what driving a fast car feels like, but the experience of driving a BAC Mono can not even be described. Words do not do it justice, it is the crazy toy you really want to have in your garage. And also the BAC Mono would have to be yellow. I have a soft spot for yellow cars!

CM: Have you been supported by a mentor during your career? Who were/are they? And what value have they brought to your career?

SN: My mentor is my mother, but not as a career mentor. As a life mentor. Her support gives me strength when I want to give up, and she always keeps telling me “You can do anything you want” when I think life and plans are not progressing (fast enough).

Career advice are great if you get them from the right people. But sometimes advice might also make you hesitate and hold back. So my advice is just to follow your own heart – you know what you want to achieve in life, no one else can tell you what it is, and no one else can tell you whether or not you can make it or not. You can only try. But more important than a career mentor is to have people who believe in you, and who push you to try new things. I can teach myself to run a company, and do the best I possibly can. But there will also be days when I fall to the ground and everything will feel hopeless for a moment. And that is when you need people in your life who will pull you back on your feet, and tell you to keep going. That is love.

I am not saying it would not have been nice to have a career mentor, but having to find answers to your questions yourself also makes you stronger and more independent. It is amazing how much you can learn just by doing things.

CM: What was your biggest challenge or milestone you faced as a woman in the automotive industry? Especially as a female car blogger?

SN: It is not easy. Not because I am a female I think, hopefully people understand cars are my passion and do not discriminate because of gender. I think more focus is on the word blogger, since bloggers are still not treated as traditional media, so it is difficult to get cars from manufacturers to test. And without cars it is difficult to create content, so I understand the frustration many who run blogs feel. Personally I just want to do my own thing, even if it is niche, and most likely I will always get more no answers than yes answers. But ten years from now I can at least look back at my blog and think “what an adventure that was”.

However I hope bloggers, Youtubers and other influencers will get more opportunities to work with cars, if that is what they dream of. Many do excellent quality work, and many have focused on a niche so whatever they publish you know it is something their followers are likely to have an interest in. And although glossy magazine photos look great, there is a different type of interaction between like-minded when it happens online. Someone test drives a car, and people can almost follow the whole drive real time through social media. If they have a question about the car, they might receive a reply almost immediately. It is not only content that is being produced, but also friendships are made, and hopefully a few cars are sold!

CM: What was your proudest accomplishment? And what did you gain from it?

SN: My proudest accomplishment is starting my own business, since it was my dream for many years, and then finally I was brave enough to do it. One day I walked in to an office with a pile of papers, a lady stamped them, and I walked out as a company owner. My first trip to that office actually failed – I never got that far. Instead I turned around and returned home with tears in my eyes thinking “I do not know if I should do this after all, what if I fail”. I felt really alone that day, but a week later I tried again and walked out as winner.

Why I want to say this is because I want people to know it is not always an easy decision to make – big dreams can be scary. I was scared about the future – still am. But you fail if you did not even try, I think. It is like having the keys to a new car in your hand – are you going to stand there and just look at it because you are afraid to damage it, or are you going to drive it, enjoy it, and take a risk?

I have a long drive ahead to get to where I want to be. But like the quote goes – “It is the journey, not the destination”!

CM: If you were talking to your younger self, what advice would you give yourself?

SN: I hate to regret things I have done in life – and the list of things I could have done differently is long. Not all the choices I have made were great. I dropped out of high school because I was not interested and started working instead. If I now could turn back time and finish the high school, perhaps I would even have continued to an university, would I want to do that? No I would not. Because probably I would not be where I am today in that case, my life would be totally different.

It is a cliché to say this but I honestly believe everything happens for a reason, and you just have to accept it and move on. Get over the mistakes you have made, because everyone makes mistakes, and focus on what you can and want to do now instead. And find a thing that makes you really happy, life is short after all.

CM: What is the biggest struggle you see with women and cars? (i.e. learning the technique, their confidence level, or just thinking that men can take care of it)

SN: The biggest struggle with women and cars is to get them to realize what an incredible feeling it is to drive a nice high performance car, haha! Everyone has a different taste of course, but I would like to see more women driving exotic cars. I actually thought about this last April when I was driving from Tuscany to Monaco in a Porsche. Perfect roads, beautiful weather, and having a fast car that will push you back in driver’s seat when you accelerate just adds to the overall experience. It hit me that the only reason why you do not see that many women driving sports cars or supercars must be that there are so many who have never experienced them. They have no idea what they are missing out on!

I know you can not brainwash anyone to like something, and I have also met a lot of men who are not interested in cars at all. But still I think it is incredible that there are not more females with a true passion for cars. Wonder why?

CM: ChicMoto is all about teaching women more about cars to help build their confidence so they do not always have to rely on men or mechanics. What is one thing you always knew about cars that helped you get out of difficult situations (i.e. blown tire, oil changes, check engine light, etc)?

SN: I have never had a blown tire on any of my road trips, and I have been to some really strange places, so I have been really lucky. I would suggest women to make it a routine to check both coolant and oil level in their car frequently if they are not doing it yet. If you are well prepared you are less likely to end up with dashboard warning lights.

A thing that has helped me on my road trips is that I know it helps to drive at an angle (sloow) over speed bumps and some driveways if the car has low ground clearance (yes, there are some very high speed bumps and yes, also some very low cars). That has most likely saved a few front spoilers and bottoms from scrapes. Nothing you might think of if you have not spent more time in low cars, but still good for everyone to know – you never know when you might find yourself in the driver’s seat of a supercar!


So there you have it! Our Influencer Interview Series has hit Europe and we are so happy Sara Näse agreed to share her passion with us. Makes me want to go to Europe and hop in a fast car with her!!

If you’ve missed the pass interviews, just check out ChicMoto, under “Racing” and you can find all our interviews with Ashley, Kate, Cara, Katherine, and now Sara! Or you can click the gold links in this article. 😉

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