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Fashion Essentials For The Road

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Photoshoot! I had so much fun playing around with poses during this photoshoot. I almost felt like a celebrity 😉 If we love to be fashionable, why not tie the two together to make learning about cars more fun. Believe it or not, there are some fashion essentials us gals need on the road. Some added accessories that will make us look oh so glamorous while driving the kids around, or meeting friends out on the town. Spruce up your driving wardrobe with these items below, and never again will you leave the garage looking drab. You can purchase items, similar to the ones in the pictures, from Amazon. I created links in this article that will lead you to Amazon. The clothes and accessories in the pictures are my personal touches, but if you want more information on where they are from, just comment below!

Your Fashion Essentials

Driving Gloves


Have you ever seen Audrey Hepburn in her classic black gloves? While some may think it was a fashion statement, I say they were fancy driving gloves, considering she owned a Ferrari 250PF. Driving gloves are fun to wear and have value. They are chic, comfortable, keep your hands warm, and add more grip to the steering wheel. Why wouldn’t you want to drive in these! They come in many different styles, including a full hand cover or added cutouts around the knuckles. Driving Gloves
Want to be even more chic? Match your driving gloves to the color of your interior like I did! These gloves came from my mom. It was a gift when I bought my car. She didn’t even plan to match the interior though. Guess my TT was meant to be!

Leather Jacket


Nothing goes better with ChicMoto then a great leather jacket. Leather jackets are comfortable and very stylish. They come in many different colors, textures, and, of course, prices. But you don’t have to spend big bucks to look great. Some leather jackets even come with a hood, which is perfect for taking the convertible for a spin. Leather Jacket

Driving Hat


You don’t need a convertible to drive in an adorable hat. Cute driving hats are perfect for that messy hair day. There are many options for driving hats; fedora, floppy, baseball, beanie. Pick one that is best for your head shape and keep it in the car. You never know when you need that one accessory to perfect an outfit. Summer Fedora

Driving Shoes


Women should never drive with heels. Not only is it uncomfortable, but your heel could get stuck under the floor mat. It could also drag across your floor mat, limiting your reaction time. That is why we all need a pair of fashionable driving sneakers tucked behind the driver’s seat. That way, whenever your outfit requires fancy stilettos, you have a couple of great driving shoes to throw on. You want to drive in shoes that are comfortable, durable, but not too thick. Like the shoes above. They have sass, get the job done, and totally chic. Plus they match my interior, and driving gloves. Maybe I went too far..? Driving Shoes



A definite fashion essential. We want those eyes to stay protected from the sun while looking fabulous. I tend to lean towards aviator sunglasses like the ones above. I like the chic feel they give off when I am driving. Pick a style that best suits your face structure. Always have it available when driving, and you will be the queen of the streets. Retro Sunglasses

Stylish Purse


What better to hold your valuables than a great purse. I know we cherish these things, and have maybe one too many, but a purse to a woman is like a smooth glass of wine on a rainy day. Something we need and love. Be careful on bags with a lot of extra bling. I’m talking about those big tags that have the designer logo that can scratch your car with one little swing. Been there, done that, and trashed that bag. But if you are careful, you can find a “car-proof” purse that will look great and keep your car scratch free.Car Safe Purse

There you have it ladies. Your fashion essentials for the road. The auto industry can be fashionable and FUN! Follow my six fashion essentials above to look great behind the wheel. Who said we can’t look glamorous and learn about cars?!? Grab a nice leather bag, rock that fedora, and all eyes will be on you. Don’t forget extra driving shoes though! Be safe, look great, and fall in love with car fashion.


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