Jumping Your Dead Car Battery

How To Jump Your Car With A Dead Battery

We have all been there before. Usually when we are in a hurry and need to be somewhere in two minutes, you go to the garage only to find your car battery dead… You keep twisting your keys hoping that something will spark, but no luck. You have a dead battery. Now what?! Call roadside assistance? No way! You can jump it yourself!! And I will teach you how. It is super easy, just follow my instructions and you will be off in no time.

Let’s Learn How To Jump Your Dead Battery!

Ok, so first things first, we need a second car (charged) to help with this process. Now if you aren’t near a car or are parked at a weird angel, you can simply pop your car in neutral and roll it in front (or behind depending on where the battery is located) of the second car. You might want to call a friend for help with this!

Once we have the second charged car ready, we need to make sure the two car batteries are relatively close to each other. DO NOT let the cars touch. You want the two cars to be about a body, or two, length away. Now, go grab those jumper cables that I’ve told you, you would need someday, and let’s get to work!

Step-By-Step Instructions To Jumping A Dead Car Battery

Step 1. Connect the RED CLAMP of your jumper cables to the dead car. The car battery should have a (+) and (-) symbol. The red clamp connects to the (+), positive, symbol.

Step 2. Connect the other RED CLAMP (opposite side of your jumper cables) to the charged car. Same (+) location as the dead car battery.

Step 3. Connect the BLACK CLAMP now to the charged car battery. This connection will go on the (-), negative, symbol of the charged car battery.

Step 4. Find BARE METAL and connect the other BLACK CLAMP to this bare metal of the dead car. Usually there will be bare metal near the battery. The reason you do not want to connect the second black clamp directly to your second battery is because it will probably spark, which could potentially cause a fire. So let’s be safe and find any bare metal to connect too 🙂

Step 5. You should have four clamps connecting the two cars. Two connected to the charged car battery, and two connected to the dead car (one on the battery and one on bare metal). Now you start the charged car. Let the charged car run for about 2-4 minutes before you head to step 6.

Step 6. Now we start the dead car. Hopefully, after 2-4 minutes of charging, your dead car will start back up. If it keeps churning and won’t ignite, then turn the dead car off and keep it charging with the charged car. A little advice for those tricky batteries… go to the charged car and rev the engine just a little while that car is running. This will force more energy into the dead battery. By then, you should be set to go!

Step 7. You can keep the cars running to remove the clamps. Remove them in order of steps 4 then 3 then 2 then 1. That way you will avoid any sparks and shock while removing the clamps. Just remember, there is A LOT of energy running through these wires so make sure the clamps and cars never touch each other. You also shouldn’t try this in the rain. Water and electricity are never fun to play with..

Step 8. The last step is VERY important. Once your clamps are off, do NOT turn your car of the dead battery off. The car needs to run for about 15 minutes to fully charge the battery. So get in your charged (once dead) car and drive around. The longer you drive the more your battery will charge.

And as a side note: if you car battery still doesn’t start after step 6… you need a new battery.

If I were you, I would go ahead and PRINT this picture of instructions seen below. Fold it up, paste it in your trunk, do whatever you want, but you should have this in your car for those last minute emergencies!

how to jump your car

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  1. Thanks for sharing such great tips and information. It helps me a lot !

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      Hi Scarlett,

      Thank you for discovering ChicMoto! I am so glad this article was helpful. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter for more information sent directly to your mailbox once a month. And of course, if there is a car topic you’d like me to address please let me know.


  2. This is a great article! I was recently stranded with a dead battery and had to wait two hours before someone could come and help me out (which is an incredibly long time when you haven’t eaten all day and only have three polos left in your handbag). Anyway, since this mishap – I’ve been reading up on how to jump-start a dead battery, just in case I should ever be unfortunate enough to find myself in that situation again. Which is why I’m really glad I’ve come across this article, as it’s incredibly detailed and easy to understand! Another article I read did mention there are several dangers when jump starting a battery that’s definitely also made me aware that I need to be really cautious if I do ever have to do this! Hopefully I won’t have to, but thank you for this article, as it’s definitely helped me feel more prepared and at ease when it comes to long journeys in my car!

    1. Post

      Hi Isabel,

      Thank you for your comment. I was so excited when reading it because that is exactly why ChicMoto was created! Having a dead battery is never fun, but I am glad you found this article helpful. Hopefully, you never have to deal with that situation again, but if you do, feel free to print out the picture and save it in your car!

      Thanks again Isabel.


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