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Race Schools Aren’t Just For Racers

Attend A Race School: Enhance Your Driving Skills

Learning defensive driving is important for your safety and others around you. But what if I told you, you could learn how to become a better driver while learning how to race a car! Pretty cool right?! Well, I am here to inform you about some of the greatest race schools in the United States. If we all took the time to learn how to drive properly we would have fewer accidents on the road and more confidence behind the wheel. I have three sisters and all three of us have taken defensive driving classes at race schools. Mine turned into my racing passion, but for my other sisters, the defensive driving classes were just enough to become more confident in how they drive.

Race schools aren’t just for guys and no matter what gender you are, if you drive a car, you need to learn how to handle it in tough situations. Attending a race school will teach you more than car safety. They teach you how to hold your steering wheel properly, how to react when something pops up in front of you, how to respond in an accident, how to react when the pavement is wet or icy, and so much more. While they can be pretty pricey, the cost is worth you knowing how to handle your vehicle better. That car that just cut you off could turn into a serious accident if you don’t know how to maneuver around it properly. Learn how to drive correctly and take defensive driving at these top race schools!

The Top 6 Race Schools In The United States

Below I will talk about some of the best race schools in the United States. Each one is totally different, but they all have a similar purpose; to teach you how to become a better all-around driver and racer. So sit back and relax, because you are in good hands with these guys.

Skip Barber Racing

One of the best! All of my sisters, including myself, took defensive driving classes from Skip Barber Race School. I pursued my passion further with their race series so obviously, it is my favorite. Located all over the United States, Skip Barber (or Skippy as we all call it) has been around for a long time teaching people of all ages and gender how to handle their car better. Some of your top racers, including Danica Patrick took classes at Skippy! How cool is that?! The instructors are nothing but professional, knowledgeable, and so fun. I still contact my Skippy instructors! Here you have two different cars you can drive; Formula Ford Open Wheel and Mazda MX-5 vehicles. Both are super fun and both teach you so much. Vroom Vroom 🙂

If you are interested or what to know more contact me and I will send you in the right direction. p.s. that’s totally me in the picture at my first race event at Skippy!

Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club

Located in Nevada, the Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club will do nothing but impress. Offering tons of different driving schools like Performance Driving, Road Course, SCCA Training, and even private lessons if you are scared to go out with a group. Plus you get to drive a Radical SR3. Pretty bad-ass. The 1.5-mile road course will teach you only the best through elevation changes, quick straights, and loads of turns to put you in every scenario. Plus, the Country Club offers tons of amenities the whole family will enjoy!

BMW Performance Driving School

Located all over the United States, but mainly at their headquarters in North Carolina, BMW Performance Driving School has it all. Learning to drive a BMW is great. I took a race class here just to get my hands on something more heavy duty and street like. These cars are more similar to your every day whip so if you want to learn defensive driving in something you are more used too,  sign on up!

Porsche Sport Driving School

Located in Birmingham, Alabama, the Porsche Sport Driving School is operated by one of the best, Pattie Hughes.  Yes, a female! Pattie has so much background in racing, it only seems fitting to have her teach at such a prestigious school. This school offers a lot of classes, all driving a Porsche of course. G-Force, one & two-day performance course, car control clinic, and much more. You won’t get bored here but you will drive away like a pro!

Team O’Neil Rally School

Wanna learn how to drift? Then the Team O’Neil Rally School is for you! Not only do they have teenage beginner driving classes to teach defensive driving but, you can also take an off-road class drifting through the woods. Sounds pretty great if you ask me! As they say, never confuse confidence with competence. Located in New Hampshire.

Bondurant School

A wide range of cars to be driven at this school. Located in Arizona, the Bondurant School has high-performance classes, defensive driving classes, and even a class for the ladies! With all sorts of car options to drive, this school will enhance your driving skills in no time. And you can book a group event so the whole family (those with licenses) can learn to become a better street driver!

The Mid-Ohio School

Another area ChicMoto has been too back in the day!  The Mid-O course is another one that has been around for awhile and is excellent for beginners or experts. With numerous course options to choose from, your confidence level behind the wheel will lift off! Normally taught driving a Honda or Acura, the Mid-O school also offers track time for experienced and licensed racers who want a little more practice. Located in Ohio.

There you have it, folks. The best 6 race schools in the United States. I have only highlighted a few so if you are looking for a school closer to your area, just Google search “top United States car racing schools” and you will most definitely find something suitable. Good luck out there and remember, defensive driving is safe driving! Motor With Confidence.

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