1955 Corvette

1955 Corvette July’s Car Of The Month

A little late to post July’s Car Of The Month, but we are still in the first week of August so I thought it would be ok! Instead of a quick sports car this month, we take it back a couple years with this beautiful, 1955 Cherry Red Corvette. And boy what a beauty she is! I love classic cars and this one is right up my alley. Gorgeous cherry red color, cute little bug-eye headlights, 3-speed manual transmission, V8 2-seat cruiser.

Can I just take one home with me now?

1955 Corvette

1955 Corvette Specs

Year, Make, Color:  1955, Corvette, Cherry Red.

Engine:  The 1955 Corvette I found for pictures is a rare one. A powerful V8 engine, but 3-speed manual. Which is pretty rare considering the norm back then was only a 2-speed manual car.

Engine Performance: The V8 carries 195 HP, Powerglide, going 0-60 in 8.7 seconds. I did say she’s a vintage!

Weight: 2910 lbs is standard for 1955 Corvettes. They aren’t that big!

MPG: Ok, who really cared about this back then..? We just wanted looks, speed, popularity, and a smooth ride!

Interior: Oh my favorite! This 1955 Corvette kept the Cherry Red color and brought it into the interior. White with red accents. How great is that! The interior is pristine! I mean just look at the pictures below.. and try not to drool. 

1955 Corvette

You can check out more specs on specific Corvettes here. But in the mean time, enjoy these pictures! 1955 Corvette

1955 Corvette1955 Corvette

1955 corvette


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