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Garage Decor For All Car Lovers

I think car decor is so cool. I’m not talking about the stuff you put on or in your own vehicle, but car decor as in some great accent piece you add to your garage or home! Like old classic car posters, or cool refurbished car parts. Anything that adds uniqueness to your already unique collection of great cars. Which is why I’ve written this article. I was browsing on Etsy and decided to see if they carried any unique car accessories for the garage. And boy did that work! It was hard to choose only four to feature, but these four items are simply amazing. I hope you enjoy!

Garage Decor From Etsy

etsy garage decor

1. This is a great wall clock for any garage or “man cave”, if you know a guy that has one! This automotive engine clock with a wrench in the middle definitely says unique. You can purchase this item by clicking this link. You can learn more about the designer here.

2. I love wall art. Paintings, pictures, canvas, whatever it is, if it’s great car art I am so game! This unique set of four classic car images will make any room pop. You can display them as is, horizontal, or as individual pieces. You can purchase this set by clicking this link. Learn more about the designer here.

3. Another wall art piece but this one is constructed on a solid wood baseboard. Nothing says “classic car” like a Shelby Cobra! Plus it screams America with the red, white, and blue accents. Great for any room, not just a garage. You can purchase this item by clicking this link, and learn more about the designer by clicking here!

4. I saved the best for last! What a great idea. Tire marks across the wall. Looks like you are always on the run with these šŸ˜‰ You can simply display them on any wall, or behind a car, bed, etc. The limits are endless with this guy. Click here to purchase. You can learn more about this great designer here.

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