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Scenic Drive Sunday In Lakeville, CT

Lakeville park racing

It only seemed fitting that I post a Scenic Drive Sunday article since I haven’t in awhile.. Plus I was able to attend the IMSA Limerock Race this past weekend at the Limerock Park in Lakeville, Connecticut! And boy does that area have some great back roads! We’ll get to the video later, but in the meantime let’s talk about Limerock Park and the awesome races you can attend!

Limerock Park is located in Lakeville, CT. Home to a 1.5-mile race track, this park is unlike any other because of the location, left-hander turn, and historic background! Like any race track, they always have fun events going on. They have the IMSA WeatherTech races (which I attended), Historics, Pirelli World Challenge, Ferrari Challenge, and SCCA.

They are also the track for Skip Barber Race School. Remember my past article on awesome race schools? Well, this is the track for one! Plus Skip Barber himself attends numerous races here!

Limerock also takes part in some special track events to stay busy. Like AxIS Shoot-Out, Muddy Chef, Sunday Car Shows, Community Events, and Scottish Highland Games. You can check out all of what they offer on their website,!

As far as the IMSA race I attended. So much fun! I follow all the IMSA races. Limerock is one of my favorite tracks because I got the chance to race there a couple years ago. I will say, though, it is a difficult track for the IMSA series because of how small (in length) the track is versus how many drivers are racing together. It is definitely a “racer’s race”. So of course so much fun to watch and plenty of action!

If you want a good spot to claim during a race, definitely go by the Uphill/West Bend, Turns 5-6. The Uphill turns into a downhill (last turn before the straight) pretty quickly with lots of speed and great hand-eye coordination from the drivers!

Lakeville track map

On my way home from the race, I was able to take a video of their great scenic roads. The video doesn’t do it justice, so I would recommend road tripping there yourself! But in the mean time, enjoy!

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Scenic Drive Sunday In Lakeville, CT

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