how to wash your car

How To Wash Your Car (The Right Way!)

Summer is here which calls for convertible rides and clean cars! If you’ve read my article on Common Car Washing Mistakes you are already one step closer to the perfect car wash. I love detailing and washing cars. I consider myself an expert in car washing. Watch below to see why! Just 15 minutes and you will be a car washing expert just like me!

How To Wash Your Car (The Right Way!)

I will outline the 12 steps featured in the video below. I use all Stoner Inc. products, especially Invisible Glass. I have my bucket of cleaning gear and a couple cotton towels to clean and dry my car. Remember, only use cotton towels for a scratch free finish. Always wash your car in the shade and make sure the engine is cold. And don’t forget the Tire Shine spray when you’re finished.

how to wash your car

Step 1: Wet Your Car Completely

In this first step, you want to rinse your car off with a hose. Make sure to rinse the grill to spray away loose bugs and dirt. Also, don’t forget to spray under the car and around the back end to loosen grime that you will clean later.

Step 2: Wash The Top Of Your Car And Hood

After you have rinsed your car down, always start from the top and work your way down to the bottom. The dirtiest part of your car is towards the bottom and rear. I clean the top and hood then rinse again with water before cleaning the side doors and trunk area.

Step 3: Wash The Side Doors And Upper Trunk Area

Make sure to wash the upper trunk area and not lower. The lower area holds a lot of dirt that we don’t want on our car. Spray this area down after you have cleaned it before we wash the panels.

Step 4: Wash The Bottom Panels And Lower Trunk Area

Since this is a very dirty part of the car, we want to save this for last. If you start with this area odds are you will pick up unwanted dirt that could potentially scratch your exterior paint. Don’t forget to wipe over the exhaust to keep that shine!

Step 5: Clean The Wheels

You can’t forget to clean the dirtiest section of your car! Save the wheels for LAST! This is very important. If you clean the wheels first, the water will get so nasty you will end up with scratches on your exterior surface. Grab some of these wheel cleaners for a more enjoyable experience.

Step 6: Final Rinse

As you are cleaning your wheels rinse down your car. One last final rinse to make sure all the bugs, grime, and dust are cleared.

Step 7: Dry Away Using Cotton Towels Only

Only use cotton towels on your exterior surface. You can use microfiber cloths for the windows, but only windows. I used two cloths for this Audi TT. The first one I quickly (and gently) skimmed the surface to grab some water and any leftover grime. The second one I used to dry my car completely. Bigger cars will require more towels. NEVER drop your towel, and if you do, just grab another one. The main point of washing is to get rid of dirt with no scratches! Remember, a clean drying towel= a clean car and a job well done!

Step 8: Wipe Down Trunk, Under Hood, And Doors

After you finish drying the exterior, and only after, you can dry around your door seal, under your hood, and in your trunk.

Step 9: Don’t Forget To Dry The Wheels!

And only after you dry the above sections can you dry the wheels. Don’t forget to dry the wheels though because if you let them air dry they will get little water marks creating an unclear finish.

Step 10: Use Invisible Glass To Clean The Windows

how to wash your car2

I only use Stoner Inc. products on my car because they provide the best clean at a great cost. The main products in this video are Invisible Glass cleaners; the regular glass cleaner and rain repellent . The Invisible Glass Rain Repellent is used on my exterior windows and the regular Invisible Glass glass cleaner is used on my interior windows and side windows. You have to grab this Clean and Reach Tool for the inside, though. It will make your window cleaning so much easier. Remember, never clean your windows in the sunlight if you want a streak-free finish.

Step 11: Clean And Reach Tool Makes Cleaning Easier!

how to wash your car3

See I told you! This tool is amazing. You can reach any area and clean to perfection. It also comes with an attachment hole for an extender if you have a larger car. The package provides three different cleaning cloths made of microfiber and cotton. You can rotate the cloth and wash them when they get dirty.

Step 12: Oh That Shine. More Shine By Stoner Inc. For The Final Finish

My favorite product from Stoner Inc. The Tire Shine is perfect if you are looking for that last touch to make your car sparkle. This wheel coating is in an aerosol so just spray on your dry tires and off you go! Long lasting and good looking šŸ˜‰

If you have any questions on the product or my washing method please comment below! I expect to see shiny cars on the roads. Now sit back for 15 minutes, watch the video, and get ready to wash your car like an expert; the ChicMoto way.

Don’t Forget To Watch The Video!

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