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How To Change A Tire

My first video, yay! I will start adding these videos into my blog because I think videos speak louder than words. I am still learning how to make them, though, so bear with me…and I hope you enjoy the squirrel noises in fast speed.

Let’s Learn How To Change A Tire!

You don’t always have to rely on your roadside assistance. If your car allows, changing your own tire is really simple. Just make sure to pull over at a safe area, follow the rules below, and watch the video!

Here are some rules that I stated in my video to help change a tire.

Rule #1 To Change A Tire

The first thing you want to do, and I forgot to mention this in my video, is put a brick, or something similar, under the tire opposite to the one that is flat. You also want to make sure your car is in park (for automatic cars) or the emergency brake is on (for manual cars). Just in case the car is on a slight hill, adding something strong under that opposite tire will prevent your car from rolling once it is lifted.

Rule #2 To Change A Tire

Make sure you have all the proper equipment available, and your spare tire is inflated to the proper PSI. There is no use putting on a deflated spare to replace the flat tire..

Rule #3 To Change A Tire

Refer to your owners manual when changing your tire. Each vehicle is different, especially on where the jack points are.

If your car does not have a spare tire then the car either has Run On Flats or tire slime to put on the flat tire. Each enables you to run the tire until you have reached a mechanic down the road. A Run On Flat will have the symbols RSC. If you see this on your tire, you will not have a spare and can drive on the road for a couple miles after the tire is flat. Refer to your owners manual for directions though. It will recommend a specific speed to stay under, or max distance you can travel, that is safe for the tire.

Rule #4 To Change A Tire

Never put your hands under the tire while it’s up on the jack. It is very unlikely, but the jack could become loose and break away from the car, causing the tire to slam down.

Rule #5 To Change A Tire

After you have put the spare on, make sure to tighten all the lug nuts. Lower the car a little and tighten them more before you take the jack off.

Rule #6 To Change A Tire

Once the spare is on, and the jack is released, put all your equipment away and return to your car. Drive to the nearest mechanic shop to replace your flat. The spare tire should only be used in an emergency to get you off the road and needs to be changed ASAP.

Rule #7 To Change A Tire

Make sure you have a hazard out so people can see you. If you do not have a cone, triangle, or anything bright, try attaching a blanket, trash bag, or something flashy to the window. You want people to see you!

Enjoy the video! I hope you can refer to it the next time you have a flat tire. Changing a tire is a very dirty job but so easy! Keep a pair of gloves in your car and use them to change a tire. The tire will be hot, and your hands, without gloves, will get super dirty. However, once you’ve changed a tire you will feel so accomplished! Don’t save it for the men; learn how to change a tire today and motor away with confidence 🙂

p.s. If you have any suggestions in regards to video editing please comment below or email me on the website. Like I mentioned above, this is my first video up on the blog that I am in… so feedback is greatly appreciated!

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