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Spring Cleaning Car Guide

Can you believe Spring has officially begun? You know what that means right? No more snow (hopefully), beautiful little flowers blooming, and… C L E A N  C A R S! Yup that’s right. It is time to dust those vehicles off and get them ready for Spring weather.

I think we can forget about Winter folks. which means you definitely need to get that salt off your vehicle. I’ve given you some pointers on How To Keep Your Car Clean This Winter, so if you’ve listened, your car shouldn’t be that dirty. For those of you that did not take advantage of cleaning your car this Winter. Listen up! Spring is in the air and there is no excuse 😉

Spring Cleaning Car Guide

I love Winter, but I think I love Spring even more. The air smells fresh, the birds are starting to chirp, flowers are blooming, the air is warmer, and the sun is out! Plus, I can now wash my car every weekend  🙂 🙂 For those of you who haven’t cleaned their car all winter, or maybe stored their sports car until the roads are clean, now’s the time to get it back out, clean it off, and make sure everything works.

Below are some spring cleaning tips you should perform on your vehicle, plus a maintenance check-up list you should look at before hitting the road. Winter is a harsh season for your vehicle. With the salt, sticky grime, potholes, and freezing temperatures, your vehicle takes a hit.

If you take care of your car, your car will take care of you!

Spring Cleaning Your Vehicle

Wash & Wax– First things first. You need to wash AND wax your vehicle. I’ve mentioned this before; wax your car at least twice a year. Once before Winter and once before Summer. Which is right now! First, wash your car (you can refer to my video tutorial on washing), then once your vehicle is completely dried, slap on a coat of wax (refer to my car wax video here).

Don’t Forget Those Wheels!– After you’ve washed and waxed your vehicle, give some lovin’ to those (extremely) dirty wheels. Always clean them last and don’t forget a coat of wax!

Spring Clean Your Windshield!

Clean The Interior– Your interior hates Winter. Sloppy boots, hot chocolate spills, sled stains, wet dogs… need I say more? Show some love to that interior. Don’t forget these areas:

  • Dashboard– grab some Stoner Inc. Trim Shine and get to work on that dashboard (if it is the black plastic material). Do not use this on leather, but I don’t see that too often on the dashboard. Make sure you dust off your dashboard & steering wheel first.
  • Cup Holders– All of those coffee and hot chocolate spills get sticky. Take a warm cloth and wipe down those cup holders. If I were you, I would buy (or make if you are crafty), some cup holder protectors like this one shown below.

cute car accessories spring

  • Floor Mats– Hopefully you have WeatherTech floor mats, but in either case, those floor mats need to be cleaned. Take the rubber ones out and wash them with water and soap. Let them dry completely before putting them back in your car. If you have carpet floor mats… YICKS! Vacuum them first, but if they have mud/snow stains, take them out and wash them.
  • Trunk– Since you are cleaning the mats, you mine as well head to the trunk. Vacuum and spot clean the best you can. If you have a lot of hair, take some latex gloves and rub your hand over the area. The friction will loosen the hair to be vacuumed. Don’t forget to dust off the sides and the back of the seats.
  • Vacuum– If I were you, I would vacuum everything. Not just the floor mats and trunk. Vacuum the entire interior then grab a damp cloth and dust everything off.
  • Under The Hood– Check under your hood for any leaves, salt, and other grime. You can use a damp (but very old) cloth and wipe down this area. While you’re at it, check your washer fluid level.
  • Wiper Blades– Lastly, wipe down those wiper blades. They worked hard this winter keeping you safe! Also, check the blades to make sure they aren’t torn. Which we will go into next.

Spring Cleaning Maintenance Check-Up

  • Wiper Blades & Washer Fluid Pipe– Your wiper blades work very hard all Winter. How many times have you gotten into your vehicle this Winter and immediately turned your wiper blades on to get the snow and ice off? Not nice… you should try to defrost your vehicle first. Every time you use your blades on thick snow and ice, you chip away the rubber on the blades. Which is why you need to check them this Spring. In fact, depending on how harsh your Winter season was, I would go ahead and replace them. Fresh blades for Spring! Also- make sure your washer fluid pipe is not clogged. Sometimes, if you use bad washer fluid, the pipe will clog or freeze in the Winter. This will cause the pipe to burst and your fluid will start leaking. To test? Just run your washer fluid a couple times and watch to see how much comes out and how good the pressure is.
  • Tires– Ahhh the lovely tires. They have gotten you through 12 feet of snow. They’ve helped you through ice, and have run over one too many potholes. Time to test them out and give back that TLC. Check your air pressure and look for any holes or tears. Take your car in to check alignment and rotation. Trust me, do this right after Winter before it’s too late and you blow a tire!
  • Air Filters– Now’s the time to check those air filters. They have heated your car all Winter and now they turn back to the A/C. Make sure they are working properly before the Summer heat!
  • Oil Change– Since you’re changing your wiper blades and air filters, you mine as well make sure your motor oil is good. When was the last time you have had an oil change? Make sure you stick to a regular maintenance schedule if you want to enhance the life of your car.
  • Lube Hinges– Lastly, don’t forget to lube all hinges. Doors, trunk, hood… all of these have probably frozen or rusted this Winter. Keep them well oiled to prevent squeaks and wear.

There ya have it, folks! I know it may seem like a lot, but your car could definitely use some TLC at this point. Winter is hard for everyone, even your vehicle. Take some time this weekend to show your car some L O V E! Plus, a clean car will put a smile on your face because that means one thing… S P R I N G!

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