How To Keep Your Car Clean This Winter

I know the idea of having to wash your car in the Winter is absurd, however, we need to keep our vehicles clean! You might be tempted into using an automatic car wash, and while that might be your only option if temperatures are below 30 degrees, automatic car washes are SO bad for your car.

Solution? Find a “warmer” Winter day, grab the materials below, follow these tips, and keep washing your car by hand. You and your vehicle will thank me later 🙂

How To Keep Your Car Clean This Winter

Tips & Tricks From ChicMoto

Ok, I know what you are all thinking right now. “There is NO way I am standing out in the freezing cold this Winter just to keep my car clean.” You have a valid point… there are many times I don’t want to bundle up to wash my car. But my friends, it is definitely worth it!

Give me a chance to explain why.

  1. Keeping your car clean in the Winter will help prevent salt corrosion on & underneath your vehicle.
  2. Washing your car will help keep your wiper blades clean.. which you definitely need in the Winter!
  3. Letting the rain, freezing rain, or snow “clean” your vehicle does not help the situation. Plus, neither methods will keep your car clean and neither of them will get underneath your car where all the salt and grime are!

I know it is a big pain in the butt and it is always freeeezing cold, but use these tips below to help keep you warm and your vehicle clean this Winter!

Tips & Tricks To Keeping Your Car Clean This Winter

Find Waterproof Gloves

First things first, find a good pair of waterproof washing gloves / mitt. They exist because I use them! If you don’t have a pair, the two below from Amazon do the job!

Washing Glove:Winter

Washing Mitt:Winter

Bundle Up & Keep Your Core Warm

You definitely want to bundle up. Make sure you have plenty of layers, warm socks, and a hat/headband. Keeping your core warm will help keep you warm!

Use Hot Water

If you don’t like the idea of washing with a glove or mitt, then use hot water in your bucket to clean. In fact, I would use hot water regardless of what you are washing with. The warm water will help keep your hands warm!

Spray Underneath Your Car First

Now, when you start washing your car, spray underneath first because that is where all the salt and grime live. Salt is VERY bad for your vehicle because it can cause corrosion and rust. A lot of people won’t even purchase a car from snowy states because of the salted roads. The more they salt the roads the worse your vehicle could get! So go ahead and spray underneath your vehicle first and last to make sure that salt is outta there!

If you live in a freezing cold state ( like 30 degrees or below ) then you really don’t have a choice in washing your car because the water will just freeze. In that case, you can still spray underneath your vehicle to get rid of all the salt.

Use Car Soap With Wax

Car soap makes all the difference in the Winter. Use a soap with a little bit of wax because the wax will help keep grime & salt off! I would use a car soap from Stoner Car Care or Meguiar’s.

Towel Dry Your Car Quick & Wear Gloves

The final step is the worst. Drying your car in the Winter 🙁 Your hands will get cold but if you dry in fast little circles, the friction will help keep you warm. Plus you’ll get a little arm workout! I would also suggest you wear snow gloves when drying to keep those hands from freezing!

Find Washer Fluid That Will Withstand Low Temperatures

The worst part is over. You have officially washed your car in the Winter ( go you! ). Now we talk wiper blades. You will use your wiper blades a lot in the Winter. Help them out by using washer fluid that will not freeze. Read the bottle to find out what temperature it can withstand in the Winter. I use Invisible Glass Washer Fluid because it can withstand temperatures around -32 degrees!

Wipe Down Your Wiper Blades & Use These Silicone Blades

Sticking with the importance of wiper blades in the Winter, make sure you wipe them down with warm water whenever you get a chance! You should also buy a pair of these Bosch Wiper Blades.

Keep Salt Off!

Last tip, and I cannot stress this enough, but keep the salt OFF your vehicle! It is bad, bad stuff. If you don’t want to fully wash your car, then at least spray the underneath off. And if you must, go to a car wash. Anything to keep that salt off as much as you can this Winter.

Keep your car clean and enjoy the snow this Winter 🙂

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