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Speed Bead & Visible Shine Car Wax By Stoner Inc.

Speed Bead & Visible Shine By Stoner Inc.

Is There A Difference?

I decided to do a tiny experiment between two very notable products, Speed Bead and Visible Shine by Stoner Inc.  The video below also includes a tutorial on how to wax your car. Waxing your car is another very important aspect everyone should know how to do. You should wax your car at least once a year, (depending on how good the wax is) if not twice a year. I wax once before Summer and once before Winter for the best protection.

Car wax was created to not only make your car look good but to protect the paint from bugs, tar, sap, etc. Adding another protective layer is important in keeping your car lasting longer. People forget to wax their car because 1. they don’t find it important and 2. it takes awhile. Waxing your car does take a couple hours, but the payoff is definitely worth it. Just watch below to see some amazing results and I bet you will want to wax your car more often.

Car Waxing 101

What Your Car Should NOT Look Like

Here is a quick video I took before I waxed my car. Notice the water beading effect, or lack thereof, since I have yet to wax my car this year. If your car looks similar to this when you rinse, you need a wax job!

How To Wax Your Vehicle

You need to know how to wax your car. No excuse! Below I have outlined a couple of tips for you to follow when waxing your car and the video will explain the rest.

  1. Always wash your car and dry it fully before waxing.
  2. Always wax your car in a shaded area.
  3. Use a small cotton towel to apply the wax, folding the towel into a rectangle.
  4. Make sure your waxing towel is damp!
  5. Put the wax on in a circular rotation.
  6. Let the wax sit until you see a slight white film.
  7. Take the wax off using another clean, cotton towel.
  8. Take the wax off in circular rotations, repeat until car is fully waxed.
  9. Wax the bottom panels and under trunk area last, as well as waxing the exhaust.
  10. Sit back and admire the shine.

Don’t forget to wax the headlights, taillights, and any decals or emblems you want to shine. Also, don’t forget to wax the wheels! Waxing the wheels provide a great protection against tar and other buildups the wheels get from becoming so dirty.

Is There A Difference Between Speed Bead & Visible Shine Car Wax?

My first response to this questions is no. I did not find a difference in the water beading effect these products gave after I waxed my car. The biggest difference I noticed is the thickness of Visible Shine and how long it took to wax off compared to Speed Bead. Both are great products to use on your vehicle! The only ones I ever use. It all comes down to how much time you have. One nice wax that will last you all year (Visible Shine) or would you rather wax on and off quickly, more often throughout the year (Speed Bead)? I will get back to you guys  later with another video to see if there is a true difference between how long these two car wax products last. But in the meantime, go grab yourself some car wax from Stoner Inc. and wax away! Welcome to the shiny car club folks! 🙂

 Speed Bead vs. Visible Shine Wax By Stoner Inc. Is There A Difference? Watch The Video!

** Don’t forget to watch until the end to see a great example of the water beading effect your car should have after it is waxed properly!**

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