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4 Car Repair Jobs You Can Fix By Yourself!

This article goes out to everyone looking to save time and money. If you think you need to rely on your mechanic to fix every car problem, think again! There are numerous car repair jobs you can fix yourself. In fact, we came up with 4 car repair jobs you can fix yourself, right now! Check out the videos below to learn how to fix your vehicle.

4 Car Repair Jobs You Can Fix By Yourself

1. Changing A Tire

One of the first videos I created was How To Change A Tire because I know how often they go flat and how useful a video could be! Changing your own tire is so easy. Learning how to change a flat will help save you time and money knowing you won’t have to rely on your roadside service. Watch below to learn how to change your tire!

2. Checking Your Car Fluids

There are 4 easy fluids you should be able to check. Your washer fluid, your motor oil, your brake fluid, and your coolant fluid. Adding fluid to the reservoirs of each is easy – This type of car repair can be done in two seconds. Watch the video below to know what each reservoir looks like and how to add fluid. Just remember, only check your fluids when your car is COMPLETELY COLD! Never check them when your engine is hot.

3. Replacing Your Car Battery

If you’ve ever had a dead battery that won’t start no matter what, odds are you need a new battery, or you need to charge it overnight. In either case, you’ll need to know how to take your battery out of your vehicle. The only difficult thing about taking a battery out of your car is the weight of the battery… you’ll definitely need two hands! Watch our video below showing you how to take your car battery out of your vehicle.

4. Wiper Blade Replacement

Wiper blades should be checked and changed frequently. In fact, the number one sign telling you, you need to replace your wiper blades is streaking across your windshield. Wiper blades vary from vehicle to vehicle but knowing how to replace them is important. We did a video demonstrating how to replace your wiper blade. It’s super easy; click, pull, release.

And don’t forget to keep your car clean! Cleaning your car often will help enhance the life of your vehicle. If you don’t know how just check out my video called How To Wash Your Car (The Right Way)!

Remember, not all car repairs need to be fixed by a mechanic 🙂

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