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7 Best Car Detailing Products By Stoner Inc.

There is nothing more rewarding than finding a great product that will clean your car properly. And Stoner Incorporated has just that! Great products from a great American made company! Wouldn’t expect anything less 🙂 If you need help washing your car the right way, check out my video demonstration!

7 Best Car Detailing Products By Stoner Inc.

1. Invisible Glass, Glass Cleaner.stoner inc

Their number one item! Invisible Glass is one fantastic glass cleaner that will clean anything is fewer sprays, fewer wipes, and no streaks. Tired of seeing that foggy residue on your windshield when you hit direct sunlight? Then you have to get Invisible Glass, Glass Cleaner. It will change your life!


2. Invisible Glass Rain Repellent, Glass Cleaner.stoner inc

The Invisible Glass Rain Repellent ties in with regular Invisible Glass listed above. The rain repellent has a unique formula to, well….repel rain off your windshield so you can see better in a storm! I use this product on all of my exterior windows; outside windshield, outside door windows, back window, and even my side mirrors. I like being able to see in a crazy storm, which is why I use only the best.

3. The Reach And Clean Tool.

To tie in the two glass cleaners mentioned above, we have the famous Invisible Glass Reach and Clean Tool by Stoner Inc. This tool makes cleaning your windows a breeze. It comes with three different scrubbing cloths; one microfiber, one cotton, and one scrubber for those pesky bugs. You can use this tool on the exterior windows and interior. Just sit down in the driver seat and reach and clean away! No breaking your back, this time, to get into all those tight crevasses. Yay!


4. Tarminator.stoner inc

Annoyed by disgusting tag along bugs that seem to never want to leave your paint? Or those black speckles that really stand out on white and silver cars? Then say hello to my little friend..Tarminator. Spray and wipe this amazing “tar” and bug remover on your car exterior surface before waxing and those little-unwanted specks and bugs are gone!

5. Visible Shine Wax.

After you’ve wiped all the nasty grime off, let’s get to waxing. Remember to wax at least twice a year; once before winter and once before summer for the best shine. And since I have mentioned SHINE, welcome to my favorite wax product, Visible Shine. You can watch my video demonstration using Visible Shine here, but in the meantime, make sure to pick some up if you want full protection and overall great…. shine (can I say that any more times?).

6. Trim Shine.

Looking to spice up your dull trim? Say no more. Trim Shine is here to help! Trim Shine comes in a spray bottle and as wipes to make the process smooth and easy. Plus, there is no need to wipe off! Simply wipe the product straight on your dull trim and admire the shiny finish. I am obsessed with this stuff. I use it on my car all the time because once you’ve used it, you will never want to go without it. Your trim will definitely stand out!

stoner inc.

7. Tire Finish.

I saved the best for last. I say I am obsessed without a lot of the products from Stoner Inc. but Tire Finish is my absolute favorite. Another easy “spray on and admire” product that adds that perfect finish to a clean car. Just wait until your tires are dried and spray directly on. I also love the smell of More Shine. Call me weird but I wish they made a perfume out of this stuff;)

You can purchase the items above by clicking the gold links in the article, or you can visit the Stoner Inc. website right here!

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