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Driving Tips To Keep You Safe This Winter

The winter season can be hard for everyone and winter driving doesn’t help! Most people are afraid to drive in the snow so either avoid driving or drive extremely slow which is not safe. We know driving in the winter is tough, but hopefully after reading our 10 driving tips below, you will feel more confident behind the wheel.

Driving Tips To Keep You Safe This Winter

Whether you are an experienced driver or just starting off, driving in the winter can still cause spin-outs, getting stuck, or driving off the road. Hopefully, none will ever happen to you, but make sure you know how to drive in the winter before attempting!

Now, let’s start that list of 10 driving tips.

Driving Tip #1 Practice, Practice, Practice

Unfortunately, a lot of people head out into the snow without any type of winter driving practice which is why it is so dangerous. Whether you attend a driving school or find an empty parking lot full of snow, practice makes perfect. Practice skids, spins, and quick stops so that when it happens in real life, you are prepared and can remain relaxed.

Driving Tip #2 Tap Your Breaks Before Slamming Them

If you practice this you’ll understand. Slamming your breaks on snow and ice will get you nowhere. Your traction control will not help and you will keep skidding because ice is slippery! Think about it; if you’re ice skating fast you’ll glide across the ice until you either run into something or know how to stop yourself; if you walk across the ice, you can stop whenever and are more in control. The next time you feel like you need to break quickly, try quickly tapping the break instead of slamming on them. Walk across the ice, don’t glide!

Driving Tip #3 Pay Attention

Also very important. These driving tips are worthless if you continue texting and driving! Your reaction time is a lot slower, which will lead you to slam the breaks and crash into someone or something. #itcanwait

Driving Tip #4 Keep Your Lights On

Even if it is sunny and snowing, keep your car lights on. It will not only help you with visibility but will help others to see you more clearly.

Driving Tip #5 No Cruise Control

I really hope this is the obvious one, but don’t put your cruise control on in the snow. Talk about slow reaction time!

Driving Tip #6 Check Your Oil Grade

Of course, there is always maintenance you can do to prep for winter. Check your oil grade to make sure you are using the right oil for this time of year. If you don’t know, you can refer to my past articles here and here.

Driving Tip #7 Check Your Tire Tread

So important! Check your tread before you hit the snow. Even if you are driving a heavy duty truck, your tread can make or break your control on the ice. If you don’t know how all you need is a penny and this article I wrote on how to check your treads.

Driving Tip #8 Check Your Wiper Blades

If you can’t see where you are going you’ll never be able to drive in the snow! Check your wiper blades to help prevent streaks or not working altogether. I’ve had my wiper blades break in the snow once and let me tell you, it is scary.

Driving Tip #9 Check Your Washer Fluid

Along with your wiper blades, make sure you have enough washer fluid to use to clean up your windshield. If you are going on a long trip this winter, make sure to pack extra fluid.

Driving Tip #10 Check Your Battery Strength

I just wrote an article about this because we see so many broken down cars on the road this time of year. Your car battery dies because it is old and doesn’t have the strength to keep up with the temperature change, or it has cracked because of the cold weather. Either way, know what to look for and when you should replace it.


If you remember our 10 driving tips and practice, you will feel more confident behind the wheel this winter. We are here to help you #motorwithconfidence.

Show that snow who’s boss.

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  1. Don’t forget to carry tire chains, especially when traveling on mountain passes or typically snowy areas because it is safe for you and protects you against slipping.

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