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How To Determine If Your Timing Belt Has Gone Bad

Your timing belt is yet another piece in your car that helps your engine run. For the most part, the minute you open that hood you will see your timing belt. It is located right in front of your engine and is a long rubber band that loops around to help keep the cylinder head & valves in sync with your crankcase & pistons.

Sounds pretty important right? Right! Which is why, just like everything else, it requires regular maintenance.

How To Determine

If Your Timing Belt Has Gone Bad

Cars don’t last forever, however, there are ways to help enhance the life of your vehicle. Regular car maintenance can help your car last longer and drive better. Things like regular fluid checks, knowing the proper tire pressure for your specific vehicle, or even checking your timing belt.

Like I mentioned above, the timing belt sits right in front of your engine and is a long thick rubber band that runs to help keep crank & camshaft timed properly. All cars have a timing belt, however, some newer models are switching to a metal timing chain instead of the rubber belt.

Without your timing belt, your engine won’t run. So, you need to make sure it is in good health so it never cracks or snaps off!

Here are some warning signs you can look for if your timing belt is going bad.

Warning Signs

  1. Ticking noise coming from the engine. This is probably the easiest way to find out if your timing belt is going bad since you’ll be able to hear it. Remember, always listen to your vehicle because it usually gives off warning signs before anything really serious happens!
  2. Rough idling/engine misfire could be a sign the teeth on your timing belt are going bad, which causes the belt to slip from time to time.
  3. We talked about smoke coming from your car and what the colors mean, and a lot of engine smoke could be a sign your timing belt is bad. According to CarTreatments.com, “if you have a worn-out timing belt then this {the cylinders} will become unsynchronized, which means that exhaust will be let out and air will be let in at inappropriate times, creating a lot of engine smoke.”
  4. Hopefully, it’ll never get this bad, but if it does, you will notice oil leaking from in front of the motor. If this happens, you need to get your car in asap before you completely ruin your entire engine. Without oil, the engine won’t run properly and if your timing belt is this bad, the engine will leak a lot which will cause a decrease in oil pressure.
  5. And finally, if your engine won’t start I am afraid you’ve waited too long. If you get in your car and your car starts, but won’t turn over then there’s a really good chance the belt has broken. You could also have a bad battery so make sure you understand what truly is going on!

Although the timing belt doesn’t start to go bad until around 60,000 miles, be prepared and keep a good maintenance record.

If you ever suspect the belt is going bad and notice even one of the signs above, take your car to your local mechanic or fix it yourself! There are tons of videos online that will walk you through changing your belt. It looks so easy, I might do a video for you myself!

You’ll just have to stay tuned to find out.

Happy driving 🙂 #motorwithconfidence

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