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Car Filter Replacement: When Should You Change Yours?

Every vehicle has four main filters that help keep their ‘internals’ clean. I bet you didn’t know that, did you? We’ve talked about one of the most common ones before, which is your air filter. Except, there are three other filters that are just as important! Keeping your car filters clean & well maintained will help the overall performance of your vehicle. Do you know the 4 main filters? If so, do you know when they need replaced?

If not, then keep reading!

Car Filter Replacement: When Should You Change Yours?

As I mentioned above, your vehicle has 4 main filters that help flush out toxins to keep your car running great.

Those four filters are; cabin, air, fuel, oil.

We’ve already talked about your air filter so here is the link to that article for further reading.

Cabin Filter

Your cabin filter is sometimes confused with the air filter. Think of your cabin area as in the inside of your car. The cabin filter helps flush out bad chemicals, dust, & other debris before it blows into your heating & AC vent; thus giving you clean air to breathe while driving. Of course, this is important to change because without this filter, you would be breathing in all those nasty chemicals & debris every time you drive. Not Cool.

Cabin filters are VERY easy to change. In fact, we are working on a video which will be posted soon. So, stay tuned for that! You should be changing your cabin filter every 30,000 or at least once a year. Think about it. It’s the one thing that filters out bad toxins while you’re breathing. Wouldn’t you want that cleaned out regularly?

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Fuel Filter

The fuel filter, just as the name implies, cleans out bad junk from your fuel. If you don’t change this when needed, “it can reduce the flow and weaken performance as the engine has difficulties drawing fuel“. I don’t think you want that either. The fuel filter should be changed around 40,000 miles and if you don’t change them out when needed, you’ll start to notice these signs:

1. lack of engine power

2. stalling

3. engine misfire

So, if you are experiencing any of this issues already & can’t determine what’s wrong…check your fuel filter.

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Oil Filter

The oil filter gets changed every time you change your oil. This filter helps flush debris & toxins from the oil, and oil helps lube your engine to keep it performing well. So, once again, this filer is very important. Luckily for you, the oil filter is changed every time you take your car in for an oil change so you shouldn’t have to inspect this yourself. If for some reason, you don’t change your oil filter often, your check engine light will probably come on while driving. Then comes a lack of performance, sputtering, screeching, lack of oil pressure, and a dirty exhaust.

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Air Filter

Your car air filter collects dust, debris, dirt and all things nasty from getting into your engine cylinders. Changing it for optimal vehicle performance is important. A lot of experts recommend a filter change every 15,000-30,000 miles; however, that depends on where you drive. Similar to the above issues, if you don’t change your air filter when recommended your car will lack performance.

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Help enhance the life of your vehicle & check your filters! If you don’t know how to, don’t worry because we’ll post a video tutorial soon! In the meantime, I know people like ChrisFix and Engineering Explained have great DIY videos on this topic!


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  1. Different types of filters used in the car protect the sensitive components of the vehicle from disastrous impacts of microscopic contaminants. Some people often ignore the importance of such filters and skips the replacement of such important components which could cost them a lot. So, a person should inspect the condition of different category of filters used in the car in order to evaluate the condition of such filters. Clogged and damaged filters should be replaced in time to ensure efficient filtration.

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