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Car Stalls Intermittently? Here’s Why!

Have you ever had your car stall while driving? I know it happens to a lot of people and surprisingly enough, unless you are driving a manual car you really shouldn’t be having this problem. A car stalls for numerous reasons. Some more severe (and expensive) than others, so if you have a car that stalls intermittently, you need to keep reading.

Car Stalls Intermittently? Here’s Why!

We’ve actually talked about why your engine dies while driving and the topic came to mind when my sister’s BMW keep dying. It can be very scary, so if your engine completely dies to the point of not being able to drive anymore, make sure you read that article to know what to do & how to safely get out of the situation. You can read that by clicking this link.

A stalling car is different then your engine completely shutting off. When your car stalls, you can normally fix it & continue driving; unless you’ve let something go for too long & you’ve run into a serious problem.

So let’s get into reasons why your car stalls.

You Run Out Of Gas- This one is pretty obvious, but your car will stall & shut off if you run out of gas.

You Have A Bad BatteryWhether you have an old battery or the connections are not on tight enough, if you have a full tank of gas, then this is the second most common reason your car stalls. You will have warning signs beforehand, like the car not starting as quickly, or your dashboard lights flashing on and off.

Eventually, if you don’t fix the issue, your car will start but shut off soon after driving.

You Have An Electrical IssueIf your interior or even exterior lights stop working properly, or you notice something up electrically, you could have an electrical issue. It could be a bad fuse or chewed wire, or something more serious so take it in & have your mechanic diagnose.

Your Timing Belt Is Going Bad- We actually just talked about this issue, so if you don’t know what a timing belt is or how you can tell if it’s going bad, head over to this article.

You Have A Bad Fuel PumpI’ve seen this happen a lot, and luckily for your changing your fuel pump isn’t extremely expensive. Your fuel pump really shouldn’t go bad unless you have over 100,000 miles on your car. Or…if you don’t care for your car properly & put a lot of strain on the fuel pump.

You Need To Replace Your Air Filter- Your air filters help gather toxins from the environment before they enter your engine & cabin air. Which is why your car might stall if they aren’t clean. We have more information on air filters here if you are interested.

You Have Low Oil Pressure- You will actually notice this the most if you stall when your car is on an incline. This is from not having enough oil in your car, or even having bad oil. If you don’t have enough oil in your car, you either need an oil change or you have a leak somewhere.

You Need To Check Your Coolant Reservoir- Without your coolant, your car will overheat. If you haven’t checked & changed your coolant reservoir in a while this might be the time to do so. Fix it now before your engine overheats and you have a bigger problem than just your car stalling.

You Might Need New Spark Plugs- Lastly, if you’ve checked everything above and your car is still stalling, you might need to clean or change out your spark plugs.

As you may notice, there are a lot of reasons why your car stalls. If this happens to you and you have a full tank of gas, I think the first thing you should check is your battery. If it is new & you have the connections on tight, then research the other potential issues or take your car in to be inspected.

Unless you drive a manual car that will stall if you don’t release the clutch properly, you shouldn’t have any issues with an automatic vehicle stalling. If your car does stall intermittently, something isn’t right. Fix it soon before you have an engine or transmission failure! Trust me, your savings account will thank you 🙂


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