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Who Is The Writer Behind ChicMoto?!

Hello, everyone. I woke up this morning to great news. ChicMoto has been chosen as one of the Top 25 Automotive Bloggers on Thoroughly Reviewed! We are super excited and honored. However, I realized I haven’t told you all who I am and how I started ChicMoto.

So what better time than now to say hello to the world and introduce the writer behind ChicMoto, that’s me!

Who Is The Writer Behind ChicMoto?!

ChicMoto Writer

Hi! My name is Caroline…. the 24-year-old car enthusiast behind ChicMoto. I have been obsessed with cars ever since I was little. I grew up around a car loving, racer Dad who taught me all I needed to know about cars. Plus, he taught me everything I know about detailing and washing cars (my favorite)! I guess that’s why he lets me wash his Z06 Corvette 😉

Close to a year ago I decided to take my passion for cars and turn it into useful information for all of you. But before I get into how ChicMoto was created, let’s get to know me a little more!

Dream Car: Ferrari 458 Italia in Ferrari Red…. I would give my left arm (I would need my right arm to shift..) for one of these! No joke..

Favorite Classic Car: Probably a baby blue Bel Air. I loved the 50’s style cars and the colors they came in. To me, Bel Airs are the true classic American car!

Favorite Thing About Cars: I love washing cars and trying to fix them. Now, I am no mechanic, but I enjoy figuring out what is wrong with my vehicle before I bring it in.

I love waxing cars. Taking that wax off and seeing your shiny reflection in the paint is heaven. 🙂

I also enjoy racing, when I can, and the power you feel behind the wheel of a race car. Plus, you learn awesome car control!

Other Hobbies (Besides Cars): Snowboarding is my favorite which means I love Winter! I also, obviously, enjoy writing and teaching others what I know. I love the outdoors, our two Alaskan Malamutes, and yoga. I prefer being active and always having something to do!

How Did ChicMoto Become A Car Blog?

ChicMoto Writer

Well, like I’ve mentioned, I have always been a gear head. My best friends are mechanics from the race track and my favorite weekend activity is either washing my car or attending a race. I have three sisters who aren’t as much into cars as I am, which kinda led me to ChicMoto. I liked helping my sisters figure out car issues, so why not help the world?

I created the blog with the intention of helping women specifically, because I know a lot of women do not feel comfortable behind the wheel. People who don’t really know cars feel ripped off at car dealerships or when they take their car in for repair. They feel like they are being hassled because they don’t know the “car language.”

So….ChicMoto was created! I want to help those who don’t understand their vehicle, understand their vehicle. My articles are simple.. because, well, cars are simple! I will not post articles with strange words or complicated instructions. I write about issues I have had, my sisters have had, my Mom has had, and even my Dad has had! Articles that relate to you; That help you fix something you thought you couldn’t fix. How to change a tire, how to check your oil, what specific smells or noises mean. Articles on racing, interviews with car people, instruction print-outs, car fashion, and so much more.

Just a little bit of everything 🙂 So please enjoy! If you have a car issue I haven’t addressed let me know with a comment below or via email.

Welcome to ChicMoto– Helping You Motor With Confidence on blog article at a time.

Thanks again Thoroughly Reviewed for naming ChicMoto as one of the Top 25 Automotive Blogs!

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