marketing cars to women

Marketing Cars To Women

The unfortunate reality is that many women perceive the car buying experience, and the automotive industry as a whole, as being dominated by men. Women often feel as though they will get the short end of the stick if they head to a car dealership without having a man present, and some women also do not feel as though the salespeople respect them as consumers. This downer to the auto industry needs to stop, and if this is something your company is struggling with, then you need to learn about marketing cars to women. Which is where I aim to help!

Marketing Cars To Women

Why Women Are an Important Target Market

Decades ago, it may have been true that men largely controlled the finances at home, and were among the most dominant force in a car-buying decision. But those days have long gone away. In fact, more than 52 percent of car buyers today are women. Shocking right? Even with male car buyers, many of those are heavily influenced or swayed by female family members. Therefore, women may actually be a significantly more dominant force in the car buying process now than men are, which is why marketing to women is important. As a dealership, you need to focus more on marketing your business towards women and making their experience with you great. I have five different solutions to this problem below, and if all goes well, that 52 percent of women buyers will be heading your way!

Marketing Cars To Women Tip #1

Making Women Feel Comfortable

Let’s face it. Women hate going to car dealerships. They know it is necessary, but why would women go to a dealership when it makes them uncomfortable? Women may need to buy a new or used car as much as men, but they fear that the experience will leave them vulnerable for being taken advantage of, or that their salesperson will not be honest with them. They also may feel as though they need to be car experts in order to purchase a car. Changing this perception is critical for car dealerships, and women should feel comfortable as soon as they walk through your doors. Give them your undivided attention, let them talk, and remember to treat them like you would anyone else.

Marketing Cars To Women Tip #2

Communicating Effectively With Women

When marketing cars to women, you have to understand that women communicate differently then men. Men speak in lists, and they want to cut to the chase. Women, on the other hand, may prefer to have stories about features told, or to tell their own stories. For example, they may not simply state that they need room for kids’ gear in the trunk. They may go on to state how they needed to load a stroller in their car’s trunk the other day and the item would not fit. Communicating with women means talking to them on their terms, and actively listening when they do talk. Read between the lines, but avoid making assumptions. You can ask questions to make sure that you are understanding the point of the story she is telling you, but do not just jump to conclusions. When you get into the habit of communicating in this way, women will feel more at ease.

Marketing Cars To Women Tip #3

Simplifying the Sales Process

The sales process can seem daunting to women, and many will do considerable research before stepping foot in the car dealership (aka this is why I stress the importance of marketing cars to women!). This means that some may already know what the actual wholesale price of the car is without the dealer’s markup, and some may also know factors related to safety, performance, and more. However, we all know women can be indecisive. Take the time to learn more about their wants and needs. Then, guide her through the financing aspect, and even take the time to show her around the service area so that she feels comfortable with your suggestions.

Marketing Cars To Women Tip #4

Focusing on Important Features for Women

Women often are concerned about many of the same features that men are concerned with, but there may be more of an emphasis on things like safety, reliability, and fuel economy. Not so much on speed, performance, power, and looks. Therefore, spend extra time explaining and demonstrating some of the great safety features in the preferred models. Take time to show different features, such as the quality of construction of some parts, that makes the car more reliable than other models. Give the female options for more fuel-efficient vehicles on your lot, if this is something that she is concerned about. Each woman will have her own list of features that are important to her, so take time up-front to listen to hot buttons and areas of concern. Then, focus your efforts on the factors that she is most interested in. Remember happy customers = great business!

Marketing Cars To Women Tip #5

Building a Culture of Trust

The last and most important tip when learning about marketing cars to women. The entire experience with your female customer should be one that is based on fostering trust and goodwill. Answers to questions should be complete, and the women should not feel condescension. In addition, there ideally will be open, honest communication, where women feel as though they are being heard and that their concerns are valid. They will feel valued as a customer, and they may be encouraged to shop with the company again in the future. Developing trust and loyalty can lead to word of mouth and soon you will get her friends shopping with you. So if a woman wants to chat for 30 minutes, let her! Build that culture of trust.

Women often feel out of place and even unwelcome at times in a car dealership. With women making up more than half of the consumer base for car dealerships today, it is time for this to change and you to start marketing differently. We all want to feel welcome, and while women might seem standoffish, use these helpful marketing tips next time she approaches you. Changing this image of car dealerships will help boost the industry and your business! Treat all customers as valued customers, and put forth the effort to listen and respect their needs.

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