Beat The Stereotype With ChicMoto

Hello Ladies,

Listen to this YouTube video on “This Is Why Mechanics Love To Deal With Women“. While this is purely for jokes and giggles, this video helps describe the stereotype women struggle with in the automotive industry. Now, not all women respond this way, but I am sure you have been to a mechanic and haven’t got the slightest clue as to what he is saying. We have all been there! Sometimes they make situations seem worse off than they really are. Maybe the situation is bad, but usually, they are trying to get more business and think they can get away with it when discussing to women customers. Therefore, it is important to know about your car so mechanics, and dealerships, do not rip you off. Women don’t know cars? Beat the stereotype with ChicMoto.

That is what ChicMoto is here for! Teaching women simple facts about cars, so that they are more confident when talking to mechanics and other people in the car industry. Do not be like the woman in this video. Know you vehicle, know what to say to a mechanic, and save money doing so. Trust me when I say, mechanics won’t mess around with you the next time you tell them there is no such thing as headlight fluid! 🙂

Beat The Stereotype With ChicMoto!

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