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April Is Car Care Month! Featuring 3M Rubbing Compound

Did you know April is Car Care Month? You do now! Here at ChicMoto, we love April because we L O V E caring for our cars:) With that being said, we’ve decided to share with you, once a week, a product & company we love for our car care needs.

All of these products have been tested on our cars, which you will see in the pictures and videos. So, if the product is good enough to pass the ChicMoto car care test, you better believe we would recommend it for your vehicle. Plus, we will add a link to each item so you can shop them easily & straight from our blog!

If you guys have a product you’d like for us to try this month, send us an email at 🙂

Enjoy Car Care Month This April!!

April Is Car Care Month!

Featuring- The Rubbing Compound From 3M

Our first item we are going to share with you for our Car Care Month blog post is the Rubbing Compound from 3M. This stuff is literally magic! We did a quick tutorial for you in the video below, demonstrating what to use the Rubbing Compound on and how to use it.

car care

As I mentioned in my video, I use this stuff at least TWICE a year before I wax my car for winter and summer.

How To Use The Rubbing Compound From 3M

  1. Grab a cloth & a Microfiber Wax Applicator.
  2. Wash your car completely.
  3. Give the bottle a good shake.
  4. Look for any small scratches or watermarks.
  5. Add a dash of the Rubbing Compound onto the wax applicator.
  6. Rub, in a circular motion, the product onto the scratch or watermark.
  7. Keep rubbing until the product starts to fill in the scratch and lift off your vehicle.
  8. Using the clean cloth, rub any remaining product off.
  9. Wax the area (or your entire vehicle).
  10. Take a picture of your shocked face..

car care

car care

You will be shocked… trust me. I really don’t know how this stuff works but it works! Getting rid of those unwanted scratches and water marks is now easy peasy. Watch the video below for a quick tutorial 🙂

Just click the links below to shop the products from Amazon.

I hope you guys enjoy! What do you think will be my next featured product for our Car Care Month series?!

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