detailing mitts

April Is Car Care Month! Featuring Detailing Mitts By Griot’s Garage

Hello, fellow car lovers! Don’t forget April is Car Care Month and ChicMoto is sharing with you all of our favorite car care products. We wouldn’t recommend these if we didn’t use them on our vehicles first 🙂

The weather might be dreary, but don’t forget to show your car some love this month. Wash, wax, and shine away! (and use these detailing mitts 😉 )

April Is Car Care Month

Featuring Detailing Mitts From Griot’s Garage

detailing mitts

What is a good car wash without some great wheel washing mitts! I’ve used these detailing mitts from Griot’s Garage for forever. They are the absolute best. They last forever and fit your fingers just perfectly.

I only use them on my wheels, but since they come in a set of two, you could use one for your wheels and the other to dust that dusty trim!

How To Use The Detailing Mitts (On Your Wheels)

  1. AFTER (and only after) you are finished washing your entire vehicle, fill your wash bucket with more water and soak the detailing mitts.
  2. Grab a mitt and get to work on your wheels. They fit inside and around you wheels so make sure you scrub all that dirt away!
  3. Soak and reapply on all four wheels.
  4. Spray off with water.
  5. Dry your wheels LAST (after you’ve finished drying your entire vehicle).

It’s pretty simple. Just check out these pictures below.

detailing mitts

detailing mitts

detailing mitts

It doesn’t matter what you use the detailing mitts on, just make sure these mitts from Griot’s Garage are in your cleaning bucket!

Also, don’t forget to shine those wheels after with some More Shine by Stoner Inc. Happy Car Care Month 🙂 🙂

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