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8 Reasons To Follow Formula One Racing

With the season almost over, I thought I should share with you some insight on Formula One racing so you can better prepare yourself for next year. A race series you do not want to miss. The true racers race. All adrenaline, fast cars, high-speed chases, beautiful views, hair-on-your-neck kind of racing. So if you are new to the whole “racing ” idea and want something extremely entertaining to watch on the weekends, you’re welcome. Because I have just introduced you to something magical and addicting.

In fact, I just convinced you to start following Formula One Racing. So hop on board folks!

8 Reasons To Follow Formula One Racing

Formula One racing started in 1950 as the highest class of single-seat auto racing in the world. With very vigorous road courses, Formula One racing is not a sport you wake up tomorrow and start. Since Formula One cars are the fastest in the world, you can only imagine the amount of preparation, training, and wins you’d have to have under your belt before participation. In fact, in order to make it all the way to Formula One racing, you have to pass (meaning win) the Formula Ford series, Formula Renault series, Formula 3 series, then finally GP2 series. By then, if you do well, sponsors (who keep the series alive considering it is a multi-million dollar sport) will come knocking.

And did I mention these are the fastest cars on a road track in the world…? I mean if that alone isn’t a reason to start following Formula One racing then I don’t know what is. I can give you eight more though!

1. The Speed-

Like I mentioned, these are the FASTEST cars on a road racing course in the world! Reaching up to 240 mph around a road course is just insane. You literally blink and the whole squad is already into turn 3.. I mean, if you want to actually see anything going on I would recommend taping your eyelids open!

And if that is not impressive, these cars reach around 15,000 rpm and hit about 5 g’s (that’s g-force) around corners. Gravity pull at it’s finest folks. Most drivers have to exercise their neck muscles in order to hold their head back against whip flash.


Formula One Racing

2. The Locations-

Oh, the locations are amazing. If you ever get a chance to attend any Formula One race I promise you the location will not upset. With 21 different countries to travel to, I am sure you can find one to attend. If you want to spend the money, though.. It ain’t cheap!

But besides that, Formula One races are held at some beautiful locations: Monaco, Great Britain, Germany, United States, Brazil… the list keeps going. The last race of the season ends in Abu Dhabi, November 25-27th of this year.

3. The Cars-

The cars are what make an F1 race possible. Well, cars and sponsorship. Because when asked to build a (roughly) $120 million car, you have to have some big names backing you. Which is why a lot of these cars and drivers are sponsored by big companies like Red Bull, McLaren, Rolex, Ferrari, and Mercedes.

The cars are beast. Looking like robotic planes flying across the road, the F1 cars weigh around 1500 lbs as open wheel single-seaters. Extremely aerodynamic, which creates their unique appearance, these cars are wicked fast producing up to 15,000 rpm at 240 mph with a 1.6L, V6 turbocharged engine.

Just watch this video if you want a close up!

4. The Process-

Luckily for us, Formula One races expand over an entire weekend. Friday we have two practice sessions, Saturday we have qualifying, and Sunday we have the final race. The qualifying, some argue, is the most important day. As the name implies, the qualifying day is where the drivers drive their absolute fastest in order to get the best track time. The one with the fastest track time gets put up front to start in the lead. And when you are starting from a dead stop you really want to be in the lead.

Then you go on to race day. The drivers get one warm up lap to warm their tires as much as possible. Once the warm up is over, the drivers line up according to how they qualified, wait for the green light and BAM! They are off in a jiffy and you have two marvelous hours of racing!

5. The Fashion-

So if you aren’t into cars, then I might be able to convince you to watch an F1 race for the fashion. Now, when I say fashion, I pretty much mean media and celebrity appearance. With millions of fans watching and attending Formula One races, they’ve learned a thing or two about attracting the celebs. In fact, just this past year Kendell Jenner was dating Lewis Hamilton. Not something you see often, but the celebs do like to come watch the races. I think mainly for the parties and expensive looks, but hey.. if it gets them liking car racing then so be it!

Also, just a little tip. If you do ever attend a Formula One race, I wasn’t kidding about the fashion part. You will want to look your best around all those Europeans, expensive Yacht owners, and Taylor Swift. Definitely not like attending a NASCAR race..

6. The Drivers-

The field right now consists of 24 drivers. The most popular drivers are going to be in the lead like Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, Daniel Ricciardo, Sebastian Vettel, and Max Verstappen. Right now, Nico Rosberg is in the lead with 367 points.

In order to win, you have to have the most points. Seems pretty simple, eh? You get 25 points for a 1st place finish all the way down to 1 point for a 10th place finish. There is always a good battle going on between the first two leaders and it always comes down to the final race. Someone usually fumbles while the other leads to victory.

7. The History-

Formula One Racing

I grew up watching Formula One with my Dad, who grew up watching it with his Dad and so on. It has been around for a long time and we have had some amazing drivers that will go down in history. Ever watch the movie RUSH? It is about two all time champions, Niki Lauda and James Hunt. Niki was an F1 World Champion three times while James Hunt won the F1 World Championship once.

Ayrton Senna, who some people call the best F1 driver of all time, won the championship three times. Michael Schumacher, who others believe is the greatest F1 racer, won the championship seven times!

Then you have drivers like Alain Prost, Jackie Stewart ( with 3 championship wins), and Fernando Alonso (with 2 championship wins).

8. The Adrenaline-

Saved the best for last. The only reason, if you need just one, to watch Formula One racing is the adrenaline rush you get after. You feel like you can take on a 50 cop car chase at once! Only kidding, and always drive safe, but Formula One races are engaging, exciting, fast, spontaneous, unexpected, and glamorous.

All that wrapped up in two hours I say is worth it!

Formula One Racing

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