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Are Your Wiper Blades Going Bad?

Since I promised you last week I would post an article on wiper blades, here you go!

Wiper blades can go bad which you do not want. Maybe you’ve been there before, but can you imagine driving at night in the rain and your wiper blades split? Yeaaa, let’s try to avoid that.

Are Your Wiper Blades Going Bad?

Trust me. Your wiper blades don’t last forever. I think the rule of thumb is every 10,000 miles to change them out. However, I never follow that rule since I look over them every time I wash my car. If I notice any of the signs below I order new ones!

Pretty simple.

7 Signs Your Wiper Blades Are Going Bad

1. The Rubber Has Split

Every time I wash my car I always clean off my wiper blades. I do this by simply running over the blade with soapy water and a hand towel, then spray them off with water. While doing this, I inspect the blade. If I notice any splits in the rubber I change them out.

2. The Rubber Is Loose Not Firm

Over time, the sun will heat the rubber on your blades and loosen them. Your wiper blades should be fairly firm. To test the firmness, go to the store and feel a brand new wiper blade then feel yours. If you notice a big difference in firmness it’s time for new ones! If they are still firm yet flexible you’re ok.

3. Streaking Across Your Windshield

As they get worse you’ll start to notice streaking across your windshield when they are being used.

4. Vibrating/Skipping Across Your Windshield

And, as they get more worn, they’ll start to vibrate or ‘skip’ across your windshield! It is definitely time to change them at this point.

5. One Wiper Blade Is Fine But The Other Is Skipping

You might ask, what if one is fine but the other isn’t? I would go ahead and just change them both. Why? Because a. they come in a pack of two usually, and b. if one is bad the other will follow shortly so save yourself the time and replace both.

6. Bent/Broken Frame

This should stand out to you. If you’ve been using them in heavy weather the blade can actually bend. For the most part, your wiper blade should sit right up against your windshield without any room in between them and the glass.

Also, if you get hit by a rock or other object while driving and they smack your frame, that can bend or break the frame itself.

7. You Try To Use Them But They Just Won’t Work

So you still haven’t change them out yet? Well, then they will eventually stop working. This is the last sign they will give you and by this point, it’ll be too late and you’ll have to get new blades asap.

If you wash & look at your wiper blades every time you give your car a bath you’ll know what to look for & will be prepared. Change them out before they get really bad. The last thing you want is to be driving in a heavy rainstorm and your wiper blades stop working!

P.S. if you want to learn how to change them out yourself, check out this video!

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