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Only Valet Your Car If You’ve Read This Article

I know most of you like the idea of valeting your vehicle. It’s so much easier than trying to find a parking spot, and my car won’t get damaged.. right? Truth be told… I rarely valet my car. I feel like the one or two times I have, my car came back with a couple of “unknown” scratches. And we all know how I feel about scratches!!!!

But, of course, me saying I hate valeting my car won’t really stop you from valeting your vehicle. Which is fine, however, the next time you go to valet your vehicle, make sure you read the rest of this article to get pointers on finding the “best way” to valet your car.

Only Valet Your Car If You’ve Read This Article

I understand we all have to valet our cars every once in awhile. Whether you are downtown for a couple of hours or staying at a hotel, valeting your car might be a cheaper alternative. Totally fine. I get it! Just make sure you follow the 7 rules to a proper valet I’ve created below.

Rule #1 Look At The Lot & Your Surroundings

First things first, check out your surroundings. Similar to my article called Where Not To Park Your Vehicle, you need to make sure your surroundings are safe and clean. If you park in a sketchy parking lot or beaten down area, odds are your vehicle will come back looking the same way.

Rule #2 Take Note Of The Other Vehicles

Also, you need to look at the other vehicles being valeted in the same area. If you valet your car with a bunch of other junkers… how do you think your brand new Mercedes AMG will turn out…? Don’t come crying to me if it’s scratched!

Rule #3 Take Pictures

Whether you cherish your vehicle or just have it to get you from one place to the other, make sure you take pictures before valeting your car. Take pictures of your car (inside and outside) along with pictures of the surrounding area. That way, if your car comes back with a scratch or dent that wasn’t there before, you have proof!

Rule #4 Clock Your Mileage

We don’t want a Ferris Bueller moment, do we? Clock your mileage before you drop off your vehicle. It really shouldn’t change so if it’s gone from 50,000 to 60,000 miles… someone took a fun road trip in your car šŸ™

Rule #5 Only Valet Near A Restaurant Or Hotel

Pretty similar to checking out your surroundings, I have only valeted my car near a hotel or restaurant. You want to be able to see the parking lot to make sure your vehicle is in good hands. Especially if you are parking overnight!

Rule #6 Talk With The People Valeting Your Car

Don’t just show up to a valet service, hand off the keys, and walk away. Talk with the employees. Find out if they like cars or how long they have been in the valet service. A short conversation can go a long way.

Rule #7 Be Nice & Tip Well

Lastly, BE NICE & TIP WELL! This one is the most important. If you are nice to the employees and tip them well, then I would think your car would be in much better hands then if you were a total jerk and didn’t tip. These people need to make a living and let me tell you, valet services don’t pay a bunch. So be nice and make sure you have a couple $1’s in your wallet!


What do you all think? How often do you valet your vehicle? I hope these seven rules will help you out the next time you think about valeting your vehicle. We just want the best for our cars!

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