The 100th Blog Post- A Look Through The Past

Wow– We have finally hit our 100th blog post!!! ChicMoto has shared a lot of car knowledge with you & I hope you are all more comfortable behind the wheel and can Motor With Confidence. In celebration of our 100th blog post, I thought it would be a great idea to share with you some of our most popular articles so you don’t miss out on the goodies!

Let’s Go!

The 100th Blog Post- A Look Through The Past

Our very first article was called The Minivan Mom Just Got More Stylish. Why this was our first article, I have no idea, but we discussed the 2017 minivan models, like the Chrysler Pacifica, Honda Odyssey, Kia Sedona, and much more. If you are in the market for a new minivan, this article is for you!

After that, we decided to start a series called “How To Make Your Car Last Longer.” Teaching you about the main fluids in your vehicle that you can check and top off yourself to help enhance the life of your car. Fluids like Motor Oil, Engine Coolant, Brake Fluid, & Power Steering Fluid. Learning how & where to check these fluids is easy and can save you a trip to the shop! Don’t forget to print out our Maintenance Schedule to keep track of everything.

Fashion Essentials For The Road– The name says it all. We had so much fun with this blog post. We all need these fashion essentials while driving. Not only will you be more comfortable, but very chic 🙂

Sticking with the fashion theme, and one of our most popular articles, Cute Car Accessories From Amazon has everything you need to spruce up your vehicle. From lashes, to car dangles, and even cute car mats; if you are looking to add a feminine touch to your vehicle then you have to check this one out! Plus, you can shop straight from our blog :))

Looking for a new vehicle?! Then you need this free print-out. No sign-up forms or charges, just click the link in this article and print out our Car Search Guide to help better organize your search. No dealer haggles here!

Your Ultimate Car Search Guide

Want to learn how to change your tire? Watch our very first video then (just click the link)! We give you an easy tutorial on how to change that blown tire. No need for roadside assistance.

Now, I know not a lot of you have taken advantage of shopping off my blog yet, but let me reassure you that all my links are coming from very reliable sources, like Amazon. So if you are heading out on the road, or looking for some tools for the shop, don’t forget to check out my article called 9 Helpful Car Items You’ll Need In A Pinch to shop all your car needs.

And speaking of helpful items, have you guys read these articles that will really improve your car knowledge?!

Dashboard Warning Signs You Should Know

Wheel Alignment Vs. Rotation, What’s The Difference?

Strange Car Smells-How Sick If Your Vehicle?

Car Basics 101-How Your Engine Works

Ok I know we have shared a lot but I only have a couple more to talk about!

Like our interview series! How many of you guys like interviews, racers, and car people?! I know we LOVE them! Our very first interview that started this series was our interview with Katherine Legge of the IMSA series. Which is what started our racing section on the blog. We include interviews, race facts, and opinions on our favorite races; like RedBull GRC!

As we wrap up our look through the past, I wanted to end with one article in particular. This article was written when we won our Top 25 Auto Bloggers award. It highlights who the writer behind ChicMoto is and why we were created. All we want to do is teach you about cars, and we will continue doing so in the next 300+ articles! We post at least twice a week and share our highlights in our monthly newsletter. So be on the look out or sign-up on the blog:)

If articles aren’t for you, then check us out on Facebook and Instagram where we share photos, videos and more!

Thanks for getting us through 100 articles folks, here’s to 100 more!

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