Strasburg, PA

Scenic Drive Sunday In Strasburg, PA

Scenic Drive Sunday: Strasburg, PA

Strasburg, Pennsylvania. Home to the Strasburg Railroad and popular for the nearby Amish culture. I am taking you to Strasburg, PA today because it is an adorable historic town near where I grew up; Going back to my roots! Plus there are plenty of great scenic drives and loads to see on the way. Just look at these pictures!

Strasburg, PAStrasburg, PAStrasburg, PA

Things To Do In Strasburg, PA

Great historic towns always have awesome activities nearby. Like I said before, Strasburg, PA, is known for the Strasburg Railroad. This historic railroad is America’s oldest short-line railroad, born in 1832. There are so many activities you and your family can do at the Strasburg Railroad. Not only can you ride on a steam train around scenic Amish farms, but you can also play with an old Pump Car, go on a behind-the-scenes tour of the trains, and walk around the Strasburg Train museum. Plus there is great ice cream along the way! Just stop in the little town of Strasburg, PA and visit the Old Country Store for ice cream, candy, and great memorabilia.

Strasburg, PA

The Strasburg Railroad is located at 301 Gap Rd, Route 741, Ronks, PA 17572. You can also visit their home website here for more information on tour times and cost.

Now, after driving through Strasburg, you will notice the beautiful Amish farms. Strasburg is about five minutes from the heart of the Amish culture; Lancaster, PA. When visiting Lancaster you can tour the Amish culture to learn more about their lifestyle and how they operate compared to us. Plus you can tour an Amish farm and even take a ride in a buggy when visiting the Pennsylvania Amish in Lancaster County. How cool is that?!

Between the Strasburg Railroad and a buggy tour, plus great scenic driving, I would say you’ve got a full day ahead of you. Don’t believe me? Check out this video below and I will give you a little tour myself 🙂

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