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Stoner Car Care Leather Cleaner Review With Video!

How often do you clean your leather seats? Afraid of what leather cleaner will do to them? I was too until I tested this leather cleaner from Stoner Car Care. I can safely say I will be using it again! The biggest concern with leather cleaner is a) how will it make my seats feel? b) will it leave any marks/residue? and c) will it rub off on my pants…?

Trust me, I had those questions too & will say no worries from this cleaner! Also, no this is not a sponsored post. I use Stoner Car Care products & knew they wouldn’t let me down with the leather cleaner. Watch the demo video below to see what I mean!

Stoner Car Care Leather Cleaner Review With Video!

A couple suggestions when using the leather cleaner.

  1. Make sure you read the directions on the back of the bottle & shake well before using.
  2. Make sure your leather seats are a bit warm. This will open the leather pores to allow the material to soak in better!
  3. Using a thicker microfiber sponge/cloth was really nice. I rather use a sponge-like applicator then just a microfiber cloth.
  4. Just like waxing your car; spray, let sit & soak in, ‘wax’ on & ‘wax’ off!

For before & after pictures on how well this product worked, check out our Instagram page 🙂

I wanted to let you know I successfully drove in white pants & had no marks on them afterward! The ultimate test in my opinion 😉

Enjoy! If you use this product, let me know. Tag me on Instagram @chicmoto and use hashtags #chicmoto #motorwithconfidence

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