SCC Clean & Repel vs. Rain-X: Who’s Better?!?

Here’s another video for you! This time we compared two very popular glass cleaners; Stoner Car Care Clean & Repel vs. Rain-X. Both are glass cleaners and both have rain repellent in them to help the water bead off your windshield. We all know ChicMoto loves Stoner Car Care products, but we didn’t think it was fair to say one is better than the other without testing!

So, we split the windshield in two, used the Clean & Repel on the driver side windshield and the Rain-X on the passenger side windshield & drove out in the rain.


  1. My Jeep has never been cleaned with either product, which was why I wanted to test them out. The windshield definitely needed a good clean, but I didn’t want to spend a whole lot of time on that. If you are interested, you can watch my older video on cleaning a car here.
  2. At lower speeds, it did look like the Rain-X was beading up faster than the Clean & Repel, but at higher speeds not as much. The product needs to work better at higher speeds since that’s when I need the most visibility, but also needs to work at lower speeds depending on how rainy it is outside.
  3. I pretty much only use Stoner Car Care products. I love everything they come out with but wanted to put these two side-by-side. Maybe I will do another comparison video on different waxes!

Which product do you think worked better? We’ll let you know our opinion at the end of this video so make sure you watch the whole thing:)



P.S. if you are low on either of the two glass cleaners, you can use these links below that will send you straight to Amazon to purchase.

Stone Car Care Clean & Repel:


Microfiber Cloth:

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