Spring Cleaning + Product Review For 2020

It is that time again; Spring Cleaning (whohoooo!)

Even though spring cleaning your house is super important, don’t forget about your vehicle. It needs some TLC after those winter months to keep it in tip-top shape 🙂

So, I welcome you to…

Spring Cleaning + Product Review For 2020

First things first, we’ll talk about steps I take to clean my car for Spring. Then, I’ll introduce some awesome products that’ll help you clean!

Step #1: Hose car off with warm water & don’t forget about the underside

So, of course, we want to wash & wax our vehicle. This might be the first time washing your car after winter so we will want to use warm water to hose the car down & spray the underside of your car. The reason we clean our vehicle is to prevent rust & paint damage. Salt from winter kills your paint. That is where the majority of rust comes if you live in a snowy state. Making sure your underside is rinsed from all that salt is KEY to keeping your car safe from rust!

Step #2: Wash with car soap using 2 buckets

During a “regular” car wash in the summer, you can get by with using 1 bucket. However, since your car is probably super dirty, using 2 buckets is ideal for a safe & clean wash. One bucket for “clean water & soap” the second bucket for rinsing off your towel. Steps to take: take towel, dunk in soapy water, clean car (in steps), rinse towel in second bucket of water, dunk in soapy water, repeat. I normally wash my car in steps working your way down, starting with the roof!

Step #3: Dry your vehicle using cotton towels & prep for waxing

I hate microfiber towels. They leave scratches because they collect so much debris. I use cotton towels, like leftover bath towels to be honest. After you dry your car off (again, working your way from the roof down), you’ll want to wax. Check out this video if you’ve never waxed before!

Step #4: Wax your vehicle- don’t forget about those door jams & wheels!

When waxing your car, don’t forget the door jams, under the trunk, & your wheels. Salt can affect all those areas so putting a fresh coat of wax is key to ultimate protection in those areas.

Step #5: Clean your glass

Don’t clean your glass until you are finished waxing. You’ll just waste the glass cleaner because it’s hard not to get wax on your glass anyways. I use Invisible Glass on the interior glass and the Clean & Repel on the exterior glass.

Step #6: Detail the interior- take out and clean mats first so they are dried by the time you’re finished

During the winter months, your interior gets dirtyyyy! Think about all those boots slushing on the floor, hot chocolate spills, snow droplets on your seats, and wet dogs… Now is the time to clean that interior. Take your mats out first. Use soap & water to clean then rinse them off. That way you can set them out in the sun to dry while you detail the rest. Don’t forget about all the nooks & crannies like in between seats, under seats, around your stereo, around your cup holders, etc.

Step #7: Vacuum & add new mats if needed

After you dust off and clean everything, now you vacuum. It might be time to upgrade those floor mats!

Step #8: Detail the engine bay & trunk

Ok, so you’re car is all clean! The last thing to do is open the hood & trunk and make sure everything is wiped down. If you don’t feel safe completely detailing your engine bay, you can simply take those dirty towels from drying to wipe everything down.

Step #9: Check your wiper blades

Wiper blades take a toll during the winter with all the snow & ice so now is a great time to check them out & replace if needed!

Step #10: Check your tires & tire pressure. Don’t forget to add tire shine as the last step!

Lastly, check your tire tread & tire pressure. Since your tires are cooled from all that cleaning, now is a great time to check the PSI & add air if needed. Or, if you have winter tires on, now is a great time to replace with those summer tires! Don’t forget that Tire Shine as your very last step…you did all that work mine as well complete it with some shine 🙂

Product To Use (from Amazon):

Hose & Nozzle

Car Soap

Buckets & Kit

Washing Towels

Drying Towels


Wax & Applicators

Glass Cleaner


Interior Detailing


Tire Pressure Gauge

Tire Pressure Pump

Tire Shine

Trim Shine

Air Fresher

If you want to check out my spring cleaning car guide then click this link.

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