6 Signs Your AC Needs To Be Fixed!

Who doesn’t love summer? Especially when you have freezing cold air blowing in your vehicle! However, similar to your vibrating vehicle or engine smoke, there are signs your AC is giving out.

Which we really do not want in 90-degree heat! So let’s find out what those signs are and how to fix it:)

6 Signs Your AC Needs To Be Fixed!

1. Water Leaks Inside Your Vehicle

You should never have any wet spots inside your vehicle. Normally, on a very hot day with your AC blasting, you will see condensation dripping underneath & outside your car. But never inside! If you see any wet areas under your seat or dashboard, it is probably your AC leaking. Which is a big sign telling you your AC will soon need to be fixed!

2. Bad Odor

I know I’ve talked about car odors in my article called “Strange Car Smells- How Sick Is Your Vehicle?” . Any form of mildew or day old wet smell ( kind of like a wet dog!), odds are your AC is leaking. Your car should smell of leather or fast food from the night before, nothing else really! So make sure you know what those weird scents are and take care of it.

3. Loss Of Air Pressure

One thing you might notice first is a lack of air pressure coming from your vents. Whether a bad pipe or connection, your AC should be strong all the time.

4. Not Getting Cold

This is something I have noticed before, and it is the AC not getting cold. It will get room temperature or slightly cold, but not 70 degrees cold when it’s 90 degrees out. That is a sign your system is old and retiring.

5. Squeaky Noise

Car noises are hard to diagnosis, especially on older vehicles. The newer models shouldn’t make a whole lot of noise if they are well insulated. If you hear a squeaky, high pitched noise coming from your vents something could have split. A belt could have loosened or something could be worn completely.

6. No Air

Obviously, the last indication your AC is not working is if you cannot get any air to come through your vents. This should only happen if you’ve ignored the signs above and it is just too late. Now, you have to replace your entire A/C system which gets expensive!

Make sure you listen to your car and take care of them. In the heat of the summer, your A/C is crucial. Write these signs down in your vehicle so you know what to watch, listen, and smell for! Stay cool 🙂 and happy driving.

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