Self-Driving Pizza Cars Are Our Future!

It is kinda crazy to think about self-driving cars but I think they are quickly becoming a reality! Why anyone would ever want a self-driving car is beyond me… I guess it is because people can barely drive safe now so they figured why not. Can’t be worst than drivers out there currently :/

Anyways, self-driving cars might not be for sale to the public for awhile, but some companies are testing them to deliver their product. Like PIZZA! What would you do if a self-driving car delivered your pizza?

You might see it sooner rather than later!

Self-Driving Pizza Cars Are Our Future!

According to an article by Motor Trends, Ford is teaming up with Domino’s pizza delivery company to test their self-driving vehicles. There would still be someone in the car to physically deliver your pizza to your front step, but the driving to and from is all powered by the machine. And to be honest, the cars look pretty bad ass. Check them out via this link.

Am I crazy to think The Terminator movies might become a reality in 50 years….

However, I am willing to try it out! I wonder… who do you tip; the car or the person delivering your pizza?

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