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Road Tripping America: Destination Pennsylvania

The 5 Best Road Tripping Destinations In Pennsylvania

Hello there! I have decided to take a different route today and not teach you something car related. Instead, I will be starting a new road tripping series. So if you have any ideas on destinations let me know! The first destination will be Pennsylvania since that is where I am from. PA has tons of great road trip destinations. There is so much to do in this state, I never get bored. NYC is just a train ride away, you have gorgeous scenic drives throughout the countryside, and you get to experience great cities like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania will always keep you busy. So let the countdown begin! My list of the 5 best road tripping destinations throughout Pennsylvania.

5. Lancaster- The Amish Experience

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Being from Lancaster, PA and doing the Amish Experience a couple times, I felt like I had to add this. If you are from Lancaster or live nearby, then you will understand. The Amish culture is very fascinating and people love learning about it. It amazes me that the Amish can still maintain their values in today’s society. I feel like it is the only group of people who aren’t discriminated on, on a daily basis. The Amish Experience is in the heart of Lancaster County. Of course, you should visit the little town of Lancaster to really get into the experience, but if you are just going for the day then the Amish Experience tour will be enough. If you watched my latest Scenic Drive Sunday, then you will understand what I am talking about when I say “Amish Country”. During the Amish Experience, you will be able to visit Amish Farmlands, tour Lancaster’s only official “Heritage Site”Amish House, go on a behind-the-scenes tour of a one-room school, and see a theater production of “Jacob’s Choice”. There are also Amish food, furniture, and quilt markets nearby for great shopping. You do not want to pass up on their homemade Sho-Fly pies! You can even ride in an actual Amish buggy. Plus, make sure you check out the Strasburg Railroad just a couple roads down! Just be careful driving, though, there are tons of horse-and-buggies on the road.

Website: The Amish Experience

4. Mount Gretna- The Jigger Shop

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A great road tripping location in the summer. In fact, for over 100 years Mount Gretna has been a summer tradition for many local people. They go to hang out by the lake, which has rope swings and slides, hiking through streams and rivers nearby, or they simply go for a great scenic drive! Whatever your decision, make sure to stop by the Jigger Shop for great food and ice cream. The “Jigger Sundae” is obviously the most popular; with marshmallow cream and chocolate shavings. Yum!

Website: The Jigger Shop

3. Brandywine Valley- Longwood Gardens

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What was once the old Pierre du Pont estate, Longwood Gardens is now a luscious walk through garden exhibit that people from all over the country flock too. Beautiful any time of the year, Longwood Gardens has events scheduled year round to keep you busy. Of course the spring/summer is their busiest time with all the flowers in full bloom. But if you can’t make it then, they have great events and flower shows in the fall and winter! Such a fun day activity for viewers young and old. Plus, they allow concerts on the property and put on their own fountain concerts during specific times so make sure to check the schedule online before you attend. Definitely a great opportunity for Mother’s Day! So whether you go for the flowers, the fountains, or the outdoor experience, there is always something to do at Longwood Gardens. Enjoy and take in the scent! Gardens open 9am-6pm in the summer.

Website: Longwood Gardens

2. Gettysburg- Gettysburg Battlefield Experience

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Obviously, this is a great road tripping destination if you are looking for something more educational. The Gettysburg Battlefield is breathtaking. Not like “this is a gorgeous field” breathtaking, but more like “wow I cannot believe our men fought on this battlefield so we can live a better life” breathtaking. While walking the battlefield, you will be able to go back in time to the war days and experience what it was like then in Gettysburg. Make sure to visit the museum and take you time walking around. There are tons to see and so much to learn! Oh, and afterward if you’ve walked up an appetite, make sure to check out the Dobbin House Tavern for food. The oldest building in Gettysburg, built in 1776, Dobbin House Tavern will make you feel like you are living that time period. Themed designs, waiters in proper attire, and a food menu that will for sure make your mouth water, the Dobbin House Tavern is a must see destination in Gettysburg for a great meal after the tour!

Website: Gettysburg Battlefield

1. Philadelphia- Reading Terminal Market

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I saved the best for last. I love going into Philly. There is so much to do, so much great food restaurants, bars, and concerts. I have been living right outside Philly for the past year and find something new to see every time I go into the city. And I always go to Reading Terminal Market for a quick snack. This market has been around for such a long time. Located right near the train station, the Reading Terminal Market is a great place to go to for food, snacks, local eateries, and more. If you want to try a true Philly Cheesecake, this is the place to be. If you want unique Philly themed gifts, this is the place to be. It not only has food stands but also coffee shops, bookshops, spice stores, wine cellars, and so much more! You could spend hours walking around. Just make sure to come super hungry, and don’t be surprised if you buy more than you were expecting. It definitely draws you in 🙂

Website: Reading Terminal Market

I know there are more than five great road trip destinations throughout PA but these five are my most favorite. Pennsylvania is such a great state and I am so glad I have called it home for all these years. If you have gone road tripping throughout the USA let me know! Or if you want me to check out your state, give a shout out and I will make sure to visit. Happy road tripping!

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