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8 Reasons To Follow Red Bull GRC

As a fan of all car races, I try to explore my racing options and attend different events. The other weekend I was fortunate enough to attend a Red Bull Global Rallycross race and boy what fun!! I decided that I needed to share my experience and convince you all to start following Red Bull GRC. Between the speed, drivers, crazy flying cars, intense tracks, and corkscrew corners, I’ve decided that Red Bull GRC might just be my new favorite thing to watch. In fact, I have 8 reasons you need to start following Red Bull GRC races today!

8 Reasons To Follow Red Bull Global Rallycross (GRC)

1. The Crowd

Gotta love a crowd! A good crowd makes any event more exciting, and the GRC crowds are definitely fun! A good mix of the millennials and beyond, the GRC crowd is prepared for a dirty track, cold beers, Red Bull drinking, and VIP events.

2. The Cars

Probably one of the best things about Red Bull GRC are the cars. You get to witness normal (souped-up) street cars perform some bad-ass tricks. Like jumping off mounds of dirt and drifting between a paved and dirt track. These cars include Ford Fiesta ST, Subaru WRX-ST, Honda Civic,  Chevy Sonic, Hyundai Veloster, and my favorite, the VW Beetle!

3. The Speed

I guess with souped-up cars comes souped-up speed. These tiny fellas are zooming well over 100mph down the straights and taking those tight turns at 60mph+! Just like mini Formula One cars 😉  Watching the VW Beetle and Civic fly down the main straight before a hairpin turn is amazing. And they start the races from a dead stop!! Something I thought only Formula One does!

4. The Track

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The really unique thing about Red Bull GRC is the fact that the tracks are mobile. Meaning they literally pick these tracks up and place them at different venues. Changing the track map each and every time. Last race the jump wasn’t big enough? No worries we will make it bigger. Not enough dirt thrown on the fans? No problem we will add more dirt and wet the track. I mean what other race events can you watch that literally picks the track up and moves it to the next venue? Makes it even more exciting!

5. The Locations

With 8 different locations this year, odds are you can make at least one race live. The locations include Phoenix AZ, Dallas TX, Daytona FL, MCAS New River (NY), Washington DC, Atlantic City NJ, Seattle WA, and LA! Plus, all the Supercar GRC events are streamed live so you can watch them from the comfort of your couch.

6. The Car Control

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I seriously want to join GRC just to enhance my car control skills. These guys (and gals!) can whip these cars around! Drifting, drafting, bumping, counter-steering, you name it, they’ve got it handled. I can only imagine how hard it is going 100-40mph in between a dirt track, dirt jumps, and paved corners. Talk about intense tire tread!

7. The Sponsorship

Of course, the one thing that makes these events so popular and well maintained is the fact that they are sponsored by Red Bull Racing. Red Bull event are always fun! And of course you, can sip on free Red Bull drinks all day.

8. The Drivers

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Last but not least, and my favorite part about GRC, are the drivers. GRC has a great combination of rookie drivers and legends. Legends like Scott Speed (former Formula One driver), Tanner Foust (former X Games Gold Medalist), Brian Deegan (former Motocross rider), and Bucky Lasek (former X Games Skateboarder Gold Medalist). Why they switched to Rallycross I have no idea. Probably because the cars are so awesome! Maybe I will be able to interview them all and share their thoughts with you. But in the meantime, get excited for the next and last race in LA!

As you can tell by now, I am a huge fan and will continue attending races, taking pictures, meeting the drivers, and sharing my thoughts. Don’t forget to tune in and watch the last race in LA, 10/8-10/9. It will be live streamed on NBC Sport, Sunday 10/9 @ 3:00pm ET!

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