Rain-X New Product Review With Video!

We are back with another product review and this time, we received new products from Rain-X. Now, normally I am a fan of Stoner Car Care but I wanted to give Rain-X a try, so here we go!

Rain-X New Product Review With Video!

Rain-X sent me 4 different bottles of new detailing products to try. I know they are mainly known for their Rain-X windshield cleaner, but they’re trying something new with detailing products!

Here is what I received:

Waterless Car Wash– used when your car is already washed to keep it shined up. Bring with you to car shows to add that final touch.

2-in-1 Exterior Detailer– quick clean between washes to help keep your car shiny.

Fast Wax– similar to Stoner Car Care Speed Bead, this wax is used in between waxes to help keep a small amount of wax on your car.

Glass Cleaner & Interior Detailer– as the name implies, this glass cleaner can also be used to dust off your interior.

You’ll have to watch the video to see what I thought!

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