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Printable Emergency Contact List For Your Car

You should have an emergency contact list somewhere in your car. Plain and simple. Straight to the point. Something that is clear and points out all the important information in case you find yourself in an accident or unresponsive!

I will outline what type of information you should have on an emergency card, or you can print out our free emergency contact card below. Print, laminate, and keep in your glovebox! You can never be too safe on the road.

Printable Emergency Contact List For Your Car

Click Here To Download A PDF Version

Hopefully, this never happens to you, but imagine, you have just been in a car accident and hit your head so hard you can’t remember anything. Not your name, your parents name, your doctor, or even what medicine you are allergic to. But, without knowing, the paramedics are going to give you what they have, and it could save your life, or not.

Make sure you have the following information easily accessible in your vehicle, all on one card (not your license):

Your name, birthday, address, and cell phone password/code (since this is the first thing any paramedic will check)

Allergies- list them most to least severe!

Your emergency contact name & number, parents and/or child’s name & number

Health records, doctors, & insurance providers.

Be prepared and keep a copy of this Emergency Contact List in your vehicle at all times! Also, make sure your phone has at least one I.C.E. (in case of emergency) number and information underneath that, that lists your doctor and any allergies.

And never forgot about that car emergency kit!

Unfortunately, people are getting into more and more accidents. We hope it never happens to you, but if it does, stay safe & be prepared!

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