Nissan Extended Warranty: Is It Worth It?

Driving a brand-new Nissan off the dealership lot is an exciting experience. The mileage is low, the interior is in excellent condition and you’ve got miles and years to go before you face any potential issues.

The factory Nissan warranty is designed to cover repair specific repair costs within the first few years of ownership. Paying for major car repairs when the warranty expires is overwhelming and expensive.

Whether you already own a new Nissan or are planning on purchasing one soon, you may be trying to decide whether a Nissan extended warranty is right for you. Let’s take an in-depth look at Nissan warranties so you can protect your car with confidence.

How Much Does Each Nissan Warranty Cost?

It’s crucial to understand the details of Nissan warranties. The price of the warranty is a major factor for many car owners trying to decide whether an extended warranty is the best option. Take a closer look at the difference between the base and extended warranties.

Base Nissan Warranty

A base warranty is also known as a factory or bumper-to-bumper warranty. Base warranties are standard and part of the purchase. In short, you can think of a base warranty as a no-cost “add on” to your new purchase, but it’s undoubtedly part of the final cost.

The base warranty covers every new Nissan and includes a 36-month, 36,000-mile limited warranty and 5-year, 60,000-mile powertrain coverage. For Nissans with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) and between the years 2003 and 2010, there’s a 10-year, 120,000-mile limited warranty extension available.

Base warranties typically cover part defects (from the Nissan manufacturing plant) and other potentially expensive repairs such as replacing a water or fuel pump. Keep in mind that once the base warranty expires, either after you exceed the years or miles, you can expect more out-of-pocket expenses.

A factory warranty often seems to go by much quicker than you expect. It’s always a good idea to consider the benefits of Nissan extended warranty plans before your base warranty expires.

Premium Nissan Warranty

Your base warranty is likely to cover everything you need during the first couple of years as a Nissan owner. A premium extended warranty can cover repairs when your base warranty is no longer valid.

Nissans have a reputation for being trustworthy vehicles, but that doesn’t mean they are immune to significant and expensive issues. The more you drive your car, and the longer you own it, the more likely that parts will wear out and not work as well as they should.

If you’re thinking about getting an extended warranty for your new Nissan, it’s important to note that there are a variety of warranty options in addition to the regular extended warranty. Since you have options such as theft protection and paintless or dent repair, the price of your extended warranty is likely to vary.

Other factors that go into the price include the make, model, age and mileage of your Nissan. Even if you and someone you know both drive an Altima, there’s no guarantee that the annual extended warranty fee will be the same. You can expect an extended warranty to start at about $350 a year.

What Is the Estimated Nissan Extended Warranty Value?

If you’re wondering about the value of an extended warranty or if it’s worth the extra money each year, there’s no clear answer. If you think of an extended warranty sort of like a form of insurance, you might see more value in the warranty.

Some Nissan owners argue that an extended warranty is a waste of money if it’s never put to use. It’s also a nice buffer to have when something major breaks on your vehicle. If you love your Nissan as other owners do, you probably plan on putting on a lot of miles. At some point, you’ll need to spend money on car repairs, so an extended warranty can help lighten some of the financial burden.

Let’s consider an example in which an extended warranty is valuable. At about the 100,000-mile mark, Nissan Pathfinders have a history of coolant leaking into the transmission, and it costs about $4,000 to repair. Although not every Pathfinder owner faces a $4,000 repair bill, having an extended warranty likely will pay for itself more than a few times.

There’s no guarantee that you will need the extended warranty, but even if you use it only once or twice, you’ll probably decide that it’s valuable.

Is It Better to Pay out of Pocket?

A full-coverage extended warranty for your Nissan might be more than what you want to spend every month, especially when your vehicle is running well and has relatively low miles. Even if you take your vehicle in for scheduled maintenance, there’s no way of knowing when and if you need an expensive repair.

Some of the biggest and most expensive car issues such as a blown head gasket make your car unsafe and undrivable. Without an extended warranty, you have two options: figure out a way to pay the bill or go without driving. Some car owners have no other choice but to look into purchasing another vehicle rather than finding a way to pay out of pocket.

Many car owners don’t have the kind of cash flow to pay for unexpected car repairs. There’s no reason why you should need to use a credit card or resort to using money from your savings. Even if you can afford a multi-thousand-dollar repair, wouldn’t you rather spend your hard-earned money on something else?

The decision to get a Nissan extended warranty comes down to personal preferences and how much you can or want to spend. In the long run, an extended warranty is often more cost-effective even if you don’t know if you will ever need to use the warranty.

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