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How To Maximize Your Car Resale Value

Selling your vehicle can be a very rewarding experience, however, I feel like a lot of people trade their cars in for a new purchase instead of selling them themselves. This is definitely the easiest way to get rid of that unwanted vehicle, but what if I told you, you could sell your car on your own and make money!

It’s all in the resale value folks. Keeping your car clean and well maintained is truly worth it in the long run. A well maintained and nicely kept car is going to sell much higher than a piece of junk.

Keep reading for my tips & tricks on maximizing your resale value! You’ll want to jot these down 🙂

How To Maximize Your Resale Value

I’ve actually mentioned before in my article, Returning A Lease Vehicle The Right Way, some specific ways to get money back on a leased vehicle. But what if you want to sell your own personal vehicle? Can I still get some money back?


We all know cars depreciate the minute they leave the lot (which is why I never buy new). Unless you have a super rare classic car that everyone is looking for, then odds are you will not get back the money you spent on your vehicle. This is a frightening thought, however, with some extra TLC, I know you can get a good chunk of change back when selling your vehicle.

There are only two factors you need to keep in mind when you buy a car & try to sell it:

Up-To-Date Maintenance

The first tip to maximizing your resale value is keeping up with the maintenance of your vehicle. Unless you are a car business that makes money off of buying junk vehicles and “flipping” them for cash, you’ll want to purchase a well-maintained vehicle, right? If you purchase a car knowing it’s been well maintained, why would you ever sell a car that hasn’t been well maintained?

Here are some things you need to keep well maintained to help your car run smoothly and increase its resale value:

It all comes down to sticking to an organized Maintenance Schedule. You NEED to keep up with oil changes, tire rotations, brake pads, etc. If you go to sell your vehicle and have had it inspected numerous times (which you will mention in the sale), it WILL sell for more. No one wants to deal with a lemon. If you are thinking about selling your vehicle, save yourself some time, take it to a mechanic, and get it inspected when needed. Fix those fuses, buy new tires, or replace your brake pads if you must, because, in the long run, your vehicle will sell for more.

Clean On The Outside & Inside

The second tip to maximizing your resale value is keeping your car clean on the inside and outside. If you follow my articles religiously, I am sure you’ve quickly figured out how much I love to clean my car. It’s not just cleaning your car that will help the resale value.. it’s keeping your car looking good on the inside and outside.

I mean… this is my 2002 Audi TT… and he’s LOOKING GOOD!!

resale value

Here are some tips to keeping your car clean:

  • wax you vehicle TWICE a year (once before winter, once before summer)
  • never let bird poop sit on your paint for longer than 24 hours (if you park in the sun, that poop needs to come off ASAP)
  • never park under a sap tree / tree full of birds..duh..
  • park further away when at the grocery store. You will save your car from door dings and flying carts.
  • use a sun visor in the summer
  • use proper cleaning tools / material
  • wash your car OFTEN! Any nice weekend you get, that baby should shine..
  • watch my video tutorial on how to wash your car the right way 😉
  • vacuum, vacuum, vacuum – all the time! Keep that interior clean!
  • clean any inside spills / stain when they happen.
  • disinfect your dashboard & steering wheel when you can (this will also help prevent sickness. Do you know how many germs are on your steering wheel?!?)
  • keep that leather interior clean
  • do NOT put your shoes up on the dash.. yell at your passengers that do! They are wrecking your resale value!
  • use Invisible Glass on all inside & outside glass windows.

Ok, I know that looks like a very large To-Do list, but it will definitely help that resale value. People want a good looking car. They do not want tears, or poop stains, or unwashed vehicles. They want something that looks good and they will pay more for a car that sparkles!

Why settle for less when you can make so much more! The more TLC you put into your vehicle, the better resale value you will get. IT IS AS SIMPLE AS THAT!

Don’t trade your car in, buy that car of your dreams using the money you just made selling your oldie, but goodie:)

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