Know How To Read Your Tire Tread

Let’s talk tires…again! Gosh, I love talking about tires mainly because there is so much to talk about. Today we’re going to discuss tire tread and how easy it is to check the lifespan of your tire.

The video below will explain more on checking your tread so let’s discuss importance.

Know How To Read Your Tire Tread

Have you ever gotten your oil changed and when they called to say your car was ready, your mechanic suggested you should replace your tires?

Notice I say should…

See, tires are expensive and a huge upsell so almost every time you go to get your oil changed they’ll try to sell you tires. Next time they do though, grab that penny and tell them they are wrong (or right depending on your findings).

If your tire tread is covering Lincoln’s head then you’re set! If it’s covering half, then you have half a tire life yet, and if it’s barely covering or not covering Lincoln’s head at all… then yes you do need new tires.

Tracking the life of your tires is super important to your safety and your cars safety.

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Learn how to check your tire tread below.

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