If you’re in search of jeep half doors for your Wrangler JK – you’ve found the right place.

Jeep has many models and trims (including special edition Wranglers) such as the Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited Sahara or Rubicon, X/Sport, Sport S, Sport Altitude, Sarhara Altitude, Sahra, Sahara Unlimited, Black & Tan, Willys, Freedom, High Altitude, North Edition, Rubicon Recon or Rubicon.

You can order your Jeep with 2 doors or 4 doors, a hardtop or a soft top, and with full doors or half doors that are just the lower part of the door with the top open. Jeeps are completely customizable and if you have full doors on your Jeep and want half doors, you can always buy them later, or vice versa.

Some trims are only available with 4 doors (Unlimited model) and some are only available with 2 doors (JK model).

Jeep half doors are removable and can be bought stock or aftermarket to fit on all Jeep models. They are simple to install.

Where To Buy Jeep Wrangler Half Doors?

You can purchase Jeep doors online or somewhere like Craigslist, Ebay, or Facebook Marketplace. The only disadvantage to that is your protection and safety aren’t guaranteed due to going through individuals who are looking to sell their jeep doors. Also, the jeep doors that are sold on these platforms are most likely used and the condition of the doors may not be in good condition. It is also never guaranteed that you can find what you are looking for.

AutoBarn online is a good company to buy Jeep doors from. They have different options and they even offer free shipping on orders $69 or more. They run deals and sales sometimes too where you can get an additional discount using a coupon code. Check out their website out for current deals and purchase your jeep doors on sale.

Also, depending on what you are looking for, Amazon has more offroad wrangler half doors available to buy,

When you buy half doors for your Jeep Wragler you will need front and rear half doors, with the upper parts of the half doors as well. It is an investment and comes at a cost but so many people prefer half doors. They are easier to take off and remove than full size jeep doors and a lot of people and jeep owners think that half doors look better.

Check out the Jeep Wrangler Half Doors you can buy on AutoBarn below. These half doors are perfect for jeep wranglers in these years: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Jeep Wrangler Rear Half Doors (2007-2018 models)

half doors for jeep wrangler jk

Jeep Wrangler Front Half Doors (2007-2018 models)

Jeep Wrangler Upper Front Soft Half Doors (2007-2018 models)

Jeep Wrangler Upper Rear Soft Half Doors (2007-2018 models)

A great part of any Jeep Wrangker doors is that they can easily be removed. The doors and hinges are made from strong aluminum so they are durable and can be heavy 45lbs to 100+ pounds.

Jeep Half Door Features & Installation

When you install these Jeep Wrangler JK Rear Half Doors, you’ll instantly have added convenience and functionality in addition to the feeling of freedom that comes with being out in the open. Probably best of all – the price is great and so is the performance and it’s always good when you find both of those in a product.

Jeep products need to be built to last – and these practically dent proof doors have a fully paintable and impact resistant hard outer plastic shell and were designed to be extremely durable.

The doors were built with a tubular steel frame that provides maximum support and a structure for the external shells. The tubes are also powder coated to increase their durability.

You also will have no problem with the installation. These doors install with a quick switch from the steel doors that came with your Jeep. You won’t need to drill or to modify it in any way.

The door seals are fully weatherproof, the door handles are lockable, and they even have an internal storage pouch for convenience.

Lastly, the cast steel hinges are in the style of the original equipment (OE) the wrangle is known for.

Need help with the installation of your jeep wranger half doors? Here’s a video with instructions on how to install your half doors!

If you love your Jeep and want to make sure it is protected, cared for, and covered under warranty in case something happens, you may want to consider getting a jeep extended auto warranty too.