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Vehicle Service Protection

Get genuine Audi parts during any repairs or regular maintenance, towing reimbursement, and more. 


From rental car reimbursement to trip interruption coverage, we've got your back (and your front).

Certified Pre-Owned Service Protection

Receive more than just nationwide service at participating Audi Dealers and 24-hour roadside assistance.

Lease End

Reduce or eliminate charges from excess wear and tear and excess mileage.

Multi-Coverage Protection

If you need tire and wheel protection, dent protection, windshield protection, and key protection, you're covered.

Loss and Theft Protection

We've felt the pain--reduce the financial strain of losing your Audi with a quality extended warranty.

Infiniti Extended Warranty

​An Infiniti extended warranty is an optional warranty that you may want to purchase for when the new vehicle manufacturer's warranty runs out. An Infiniti new vehicle warranty has a basic coverage period of 48 months or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first. The Powertrain new vehicle coverage period is 72 months or 70,000 miles, whichever comes first. After that, you will be on your own in the event that something goes wrong, unless you purchase an Infiniti Extended Warranty.

What Is Covered By A Infiniti Extended Warranty?

​With the Infinity Extended Protection Plan, you can choose coverage for up to 8 years or 120,000 miles, whichever occurs first. Repairs must be performed at participating Infiniti dealerships throughout the United States, excluding U.S. Territories. Repairs are performed by factory-trained technicians using Genuine Infiniti or Infiniti-approved new or remanufactured parts. Service is payment free after you pay your deductible. Dealers are paid directly by Infiniti. Extended Protection Plans for Infiniti are transferable to other owners. This should help to make your vehicle easier to sell if you do decide to sell it. Infiniti calls their Extended Warranty, Elite Protection, Ultimate Platinum Protection, and Platinum Protection. Let's take a look at the details of Elite Protection.

Elite Protection

  • ​One plan with two available deductibles
  • Covers over 1,650 components
  • ​Includes towing and trip interruption
  • ​Reunite Service
  • ​Car rental included
  • ​0% Consumer Financing for 12 to 18-month terms with no qualification required

​Ultimate Platinum Protection

  • ​Tire and Wheel Road Hazard with Curb and Cosmetic Protection
  • ​Key replacement protection
  • ​Paintless Dent Repair Protection
  • ​Windshield Repair Protection
  • ​24-hour Emergency Roadside Assistance

​Platinum Protection

  • ​Tire and Wheel Road Hazard Protection
  • ​Paintless Dent Repair Protection
  • ​Windshield Repair Protection
  • ​24-hour Emergency Roadside Assistance

Prepaid Maintenance Agreements

Infiniti has four available plans to protect your vehicle. These plans include engine oil/filter replacements and tire rotations. Also, additional parts/fluid replacements, and tire road hazard protection. You can get an Infiniti Prepaid Maintenance Agreement with 0% consumer financing for 12 to 18-month terms with no qualifications required.

Why Buy An Extended Warranty?

​An Infiniti extended warranty is similar to purchasing any kind of insurance. An extended warranty is similar to buying a safeguard for when costly repairs come up. If you like to play it safe, an extended warranty is a good choice. Possibily you don't keep enough money stashed away to cover unforeseen repairs. Whatever the case is, an extended warranty can take the stress away. Whether you use it or not, it may make you feel better to not worry what might happen if you need a costly repair. That alone may make an extended warranty valuable to you.
The number one reason to buy an extended warranty is that it will cover repairs if needed and save you money. An extended warranty can be figured into your monthly bill at the time of your vehicle purchase. An extended warranty makes future repairs affordable.

Here are more reasons why you should buy an extended warranty:

  • Convenience - While it is under warranty, if something goes wrong with your Infiniti vehicle you can just drop it off at an Infiniti dealer to have it fixed. You won't have to worry about seeking out a mechanic to try to find out what is going wrong. Also, you won't have to diagnose the problem yourself. You won't have to goggle it to try to find out the problem. Just drop your Infiniti vehicle off at a certified Infiniti mechanic and that's it. No headaches for you. Spend your time doing something else of wasting time figuring out what's wrong with your vehicle and trying to figure out what mechanic to take it to.
  • No-Stress Automobile Ownership - You won't have to worry about how you will pay your bill if big repairs come up when you have an extended warranty. It can take the stress out of vehicle ownership. Don't loose sleep over worrying how you will pay for unexpected repairs. Take the stress away and just buy the extended warranty right away when you buy your Infiniti Vehicle.
  • Greater Value - Your Infiniti vehicle will have a greater market value when or if you go to sell it. The reason is that statistics show that vehicles under warranty are better-taken care of than vehicles not under warranty. You can also transfer your warranty to the new owner if the vehicle still had miles or years left on the warranty. This benefit is seldom looked at when purchasing an extended warranty.
  • No Big Expenses Come Up Unexpectedly - This is the number one reason that so many people purchase extended warranties. Forget about the big untimely bill. If your vehicle is under warranty you won't have to dish out the money if something goes wrong that is covered under warranty.

Things To Consider When Purchasing An Infiniti Extended Warranty

​There are many important considerations to keep in mind when purchasing an Infiniti extended warranty. Here we'll take a look at some things to consider when you are purchasing an Infiniti extended warranty:

  • Not all repairs may be covered by your extended warranty. Whenever you are purchasing an extended warranty, it is important that you read the warranty policy in detail. While I've gone over each level that an Infiniti extended warranty covers, it is still a good idea to read the fine print so that you know what repairs are covered. Even though it may take a while to read the full warranty policy, it is always good practice to do so.
  • You may not use the extended warranty. An extended warranty costs money. The auto world makes money off the fact that they sell more extended warranties than it costs to fix those repairs covered by the extended warranty. You simply may not ever use your extended warranty. It is all a gamble. Research varies based on the study, but a lot of people never used their extended warranties.

​Infiniti Used Car Warranty

​Infiniti offers a used car warranty for a period of up to 72 months from the vehicle in-service date or up to 100,000 miles on the odometer, whichever occurs first.

What Is Covered

  • Engine Cylinder heads and block and all internal parts, rocker covers and oil pan, valvetrain and front cover, timing chain and tensioner, oil pump, water pump, and fuel pump, fuel injectors, intake and exhaust manifolds, flywheel, seals and gaskets.
  • Transmission and Transaxle - Case and all internal parts, torque converter and converter housing, automatic transmission control module, transfer case and all internal parts, seals and gaskets, clutch cover and housing, and electronic transmission controls.
  • Drivetrain - Driveshafts, final drive housing and all internal parts, propeller shafts, universal joints, bearings, seals and gaskets.
  • Restraint System Airbags and related electronic control systems.
  • Deductible - Repairs covered under this Warranty are subject to a deductible of $50 per visit.
  • Replacement Parts - Replacement of any part will be made with a new or remanufactured replacement part manufactured by or for Infiniti for use on Infiniti vehicles. If a part is not available, Nissan may authorize an outside source or a like kind and quality part to be used in the repair.

What Is Not Covered

  • ​Any component of an electrically powered vehicle. For example, any vehicle whose propulsion is provided by an electric motor and/or power source is not eligible for and is not covered by this Warranty.
  • ​Paint, exhaust system, carpet, glass, upholstery, soft trim, weatherstripping, convertible soft top, moldings, bright metal, fabric and liner, clutch disc, pressure plate and throw out bearing (manual transmission), audio system components, battery and cables, lenses and bulbs, belts and hoses, tires, brake drums, disc brake rotors, wheels, shock absorber(s), strut inserts, squeaks, rattles, water leaks, wind noise, constant velocity boots, immobilizer key, remote keyless entry switch assembly, mobile entertainment systems, navigational system components, and any and all in-vehicle communication systems.
  • ​Maintenance service expenses specified in your Owner’s Manual such as but not limited to: engine tune-up, wheel balance and alignment, spark plug and wire replacement or adjustment, timing belt replacement, fluid and lubricant replacement or replenishment, wiper blade replacement, headlight aiming, filter replacement, brake pad and shoe replacement, air conditioning refrigerant replacement or replenishment.
  • ​Any repairs related to loss of performance caused by normal wear and tear unless an actual mechanical breakdown occurs.
  • ​Any failure due to damage resulting from accident, fire, theft, flood, water damage (including water ingestion), freezing, alteration or modification, improper repair, improper installation of any Nissan/Infiniti approved accessory.
  • ​Any failure resulting from: lack of scheduled maintenance as specified in your vehicle Owner’s Manual

​Can I Buy An Extended Warranty After Purchasing A Vehicle?

​You can purchase an extended warranty but you must do so before the new car manufacturer's warranty has run out. For Infiniti, that means that you will need to purchase the extended warranty before you hit or go over 48 months or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first.

​Questions To Ask Yourself Before Purchasing An Infiniti Extended Warranty

  • ​Have I negotiated the best price? You may be able to get a dealer down on the price of an extended warranty.
  • ​How much coverage do you really need? Think about how many miles you may be driving in a year. Don't overbuy by purchasing more than you may need.
  • ​What kind of deductible would you like?
  • ​Do you have the finances to cover a repair without a warranty? If you don't have money in an emergency fund or savings, it is probably wise to purchase an extended warranty.

The Pros and Cons Of Buying An Infiniti Extended Warranty

  • ProShould an unforeseen repair arise, you won't have to shell out a large amount of money to pay for it.
  • Con There are components that the extended warranty does not cover.
  • Pro You can pick how much coverage and what kind of deductible you'd like.
  • Con Extended warranties can be expensive and there is the chance that you won't use it.
  • Pro The extended warranty can be financed right into the monthly payments when you purchase your Infiniti vehicle.

​Infiniti Extended Warranty Conclusion

​I hope that this summary of Infiniti's Extended Warranty Plans has helped you to make an informed decision on whether you may want to purchase one. Remember, if purchased, the extended warranty will kick in once the basic coverage period of 48 months or 60,000 miles is over. By purchasing an extended warranty you are protecting yourself against unforeseen bills if repairs are needed on your Infiniti vehicle.

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