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IMSA 2017 Opening And Why You Should Follow This Race Series

Car racing is starting back up in January, including one of my favorite series, IMSA (International Motor Sports Association)! I might be a little biased because my Dad races in this series, but today I will convince YOU why you should start following IMSA in 2017.

IMSA 2017 Opening

& Why You Should Follow This Race Series

We’ve talked about a couple race series in the past; NASCAR, Formula One, and Red Bull GRC. Today, we will include one more to that list! In fact, I will give you 8 reasons to follow IMSA in 2017!

Keep reading for the full list 🙂

8 Reasons To Follow IMSA In 2017

IMSA Racing

The Endurance Racing

The biggest series within IMSA is the WeatherTech Sportscar Championship. This is the endurance race series that starts in January with the 24-hour race in Daytona Florida and ends in October with the 10-hour Petit Le Mans race. Now, one driver is not driving for the full 24-hours; they split the team up with a couple drivers. But still… can you imagine racing 24-hours which include throughout the night?! So awesome!!

The Tracks

There are numerous tracks included in the IMSA series. They find new ones all the time too which keeps it exciting. The tracks for 2017 include Daytona, Sebring, COTA, VIR, Road Atlanta, Laguna Seca, Road America, Limerock Park, Watkins Glen, and some international tracks!

The Race Cars

Ohhh boy, what fun! There are a whole bunch of great race cars each race weekend. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, BMW, McLaren, Porsche, Mercedes.. need I say more?!

The Multiple Series Within One

IMSA has numerous series you can follow. The popular one is going to be the WeatherTech series, but I attend the Continental Tire series with my Dad. There is also Mazda Prototype series, Porsche Cup Challenge, the Lamborghini Series, and the Ferrari Series. That’s six series you could be watching!!!

The Drivers

Of course, the drivers are amazing. In fact, I had the opportunity to interview a couple drivers for IMSA! Ashley Freiberg, Katherine Legge, and Pattie Hughes Mayer. And my Dad.. who I will talk more about below!

The Fans

There is always something fun to do at these tracks during the race. There are plenty of cool gift shops for all ages, various race simulators, kid games, VIP lounges, and good food. Something really neat about IMSA is the Fan Walk before every race. You can actually meet the drivers and race teams; take pictures and get plenty of autographs. Tons to do for all ages.

The Live TV

Every WeatherTech Series race is streamed live on FOX the day of the race. The Continental Tire Series is aired on FOX a couple days after the race. However, you can stream all races LIVE on! Never miss a moment 🙂

The Stoner Car Care Team!

Lastly, you need to follow IMSA race series because of my Dad and his race team racing in the Continental Tire Series! You will notice the NEW Stoner Car Care Aston Martin this year. The race team is Automatic Racing who races two Aston Martins ( one being Stoner Car Care ) and new this year, the Mclaren GT4 race car! That’s where I will be..

Endurance racing, multiple series to follow, great cars, live TV, and fun activities for the whole family… Have I convinced you yet? I’m telling you, you really want to follow IMSA racing. Hope to see you at the track!!

IMSA Racing

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