How To Put Air In Your Tires & Read Your PSI

Yes, another tire post! This one is very important though; Checking your PSI & knowing how to add air into your tires (or release air).

Now, your PSI means ‘pounds per square inch’ and is how you measure the amount of air that should be in your tires. Question: how often have you been driving & stopped at a red light and noticed the car before you has a wonky looking tire? It will probably look a little smushed on the inside or outside compared to the other tires?

You can do the same check on your tires! If you have the proper air in your tires, they should look & feel full. There should be no dip to the inside or outside of the tire. If that’s the case, you either have a leak, need new tires, or maybe just haven’t added air in years & just need to add air!

It’s very simple & you can easily add air at pretty much any gas station.

Watch the video to learn more!


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