How Can I Tell If My Struts Need Replaced?

While you might not hear this term often, I am sure you’ve heard someone mention the word “struts” before. A term, not all people know about but probably should! Especially if you are wanting to learn more about how your vehicle works and what the proper maintenance is. I was in my shop just the other day and someone mentioned replacing their struts and that’s where my idea to teach you about struts came from! So, without further ado, let’s learn something new 🙂


How Can I Tell If My Struts Need Replaced?

Before we talk about replacing struts, let’s explain what they are. They are part of your suspension system that helps connect the wheels to the rest of the car. They mainly support the car (literally) and help absorb bumps and potholes as you hit them. How do they help absorb impact? Well, they are made up of springs and shock absorbers that work together to handle the impact of a bump or quick response to a turn or stop. While most cars have struts in their suspension system, others just use a shock absorber. So, if you don’t know if your vehicle has them, you can always ask!

How can you tell if they have gone bad or are going bad? Well, it’s pretty simple. The rougher the roads, the more miles on your car, or the harder you drive your vehicle will lead to your suspension system needing some TLC. Some places say around 50,000 miles or so you should check your shocks and struts to see how worn they are but again, that depends on how you drive and what roads you’re driving on.

Here are some signs your struts are going bad:

1. Noticeable tire shaking or wheel vibration after hitting a bump.

2. Overall ‘bouncy’ ride (unless you upgraded something and this is naturally how your car rides).

3. Nosedive when braking hard.

4. Bottoming out on rough roads or when backing out of a driveway (again, depending on whether you modified anything or not).

5. Fluid leaks coming from your struts or shocks.

While there are many YouTube videos on how to replace your struts, I would recommend getting professional help. The LAST thing you would want to do is completely mess up your suspension system. Struts are expensive, but replacing your entire suspension system is even more expensive!

Well, that’s all for now! I hope you learned something new and can talk about struts to your mechanic the next time you visit 😉

Happy Driving & #motorwithconfidence


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  1. Not many people know about this part of our vehicle, so thank you for teaching us about this thing.

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