Helping Your Guy Find A Great Car

Helping Your Guy Find A Great Car

People go through cars like crazy and sometimes we want what we can’t have. Especially men. I feel like they have a hard time narrowing their car buying decision down to one vehicle. Your guy might want what he can’t necessarily have right now and having someone tell him “no” might get challenging. So you need to find that happy median and follow my 7 rules to helping your guy choose a great car!

7 Rules To Helping A Guy Choose A Car

I am sure you gals have been in my shoes before. My boyfriend is in the market for a new car and is having a hard time narrowing down which vehicle he wants. He is also having a hard time coming to the realization that if you want speed, looks, specific coloring, specific trims, specific engine, BOSE system, specific tires…. I think you get the picture. Nearly impossible unless you are buying brand new. Therefore, I have been helping him narrow down his decision and have learned quite a lot along the way! I have also been following my own guideline to purchasing a new car called Your Ultimate Car Search Guide!

Rule #1: He Is Going To Want Something Fast.

Immediately get the idea of him buying a safe putter car out of your head. Guys like fast and guys want fast. So be o.k with your guy wanting a really fast, turbo, V6 engine speedster.

Rule #2: Help Him Narrow His Decision Down To Three Cars.

Right now, my boyfriend is between an Audi A5, Cadillac ATS, and BMW X1. All three are totally different cars for different purposes, but before I helped him narrow his list, I am pretty sure he was searching for about 100 different models and manufacturers. It will save you and your guy the headache if you can narrow the search down to three cars.

Rule #3: Remind Him Of Cost.

This might get a little tough if you aren’t comfortable talking about pricing and how much he can afford. But talking about it helps him to narrow his cost down to what he can easily afford without having to break the bank. Which makes both you and him happy! Just remind him that someday he can afford the Ferrari 458 Italia, but he might want to wait a couple more years šŸ˜‰

Rule #4: Help Him Analyze His Needs.

Needs and wants are two totally different things. Your guy might tell you he needs a Lamborghini…… which is where you come in to help. Help him analyze his needs based on what his life is doing right now. Does he drive far to and from work? Does he want a bigger car to haul people and things around? Does he need to tow something or can he be o.k with a two-seater? What about kids. Or what about getting an SUV because you have a coupe? A bunch of things to consider and analyze to help him decide which is best.

Rule #5: You Don’t Always Have To Think About The Future.

Right into rule #5, you don’t always have to think about the future when choosing a car. Get a car based off of what your life is like right now. You can always trade it in and get another one in a couple of years. Everyone should have a fun car at least once, so right now might be good. Don’t think about how many kids to fit, or how much luggage to fit right now. Think about what would suit his needs, and your needs, now and during a potential 3-year lease.

Rule #6: Have Patience.

As always, have patience. Choosing a car is difficult but I guarantee if you stay patient and help your guy with the decision, everything will work out. Just remind him of what he needs vs. wants, stay in the now, and have patience when he changes him mind 20 times…

Rule #7: Remain Positive And Supportive

Lastly, remain positive and supportive. It is pretty cool you get to help him with this important decision, so stay positive the whole time and support him in whichever decision he lands. Plus, when it comes time for you to choose a car, you will have the best support needed!

Just remember, buying a car is a big deal. Men and women always want bigger and better when it comes to cars; speed, looks, horsepower, torque… We always want what we can’t have. Having someone there helping us along the way is so much better than doing it alone. Remember these 7 simple rules to helping your guy choose a car, and you both will end up with something fun, fast, and just all around awesome. If you need an organizer for this whole car buying process, make sure to download my PDF to guide you! Just click this link (Your Ultimate Car Search Guide)!



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