Girl Power and Porsche Track Day

I was fortunate enough to attend a women’s only Porsche Track Day at the New Jersey Motorsport Parkway, and boy what fun! This is set up the same way as most track days but this time, no men allowed! There were about 30 women there eager to learn the art of car control as well as check out the new Porsche’s 🙂

This event was a first for Porsche at the New Jersey Motorsport. Thanks to us, Porsche of Cherry Hill had this great idea to invite a bunch of women either working in the automotive industry or eager to enhance their driving skills to get out on the track for this free event. I mean, how often can you test Porsche’s out for free?!?

Our first test was a mini road course with some right and left hand tight turns to test the mobility of the new 911 and GTS. Then, we went on track with the 911 and Cayman’s as well as the SUV’s! If you’ve never been on track in an SUV you definitely should because it is such a different feeling and I am always so impressed by how well the cars handle even though they are much larger. The Porsche instructors were excellent and I felt like they helped a lot of women understand the importance of car control and “keeping your eyes up”.

We ended with a hot lap in a 911 as one of the pros took us around the track at full speed; so exhilarating! This was my first time doing a Porsche track day and I was so impressed! Of course, I took Sally along with me even though she looks loads different from the newbie cars;)

We almost made it there and back, but with old cars, you just never know…and we broke down about 20 minutes from home. She’s back in the shop currently and I promise she’ll get fixed up before the next event!

All in all, it was a great day and I want to thank everyone who came out, the instructors for kicking ass, and MORacing for the invite!

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  1. You’re freaking badass! As a woman car wash owner (Car Enthusiast at heart), I admire your love for automobiles too. I’ve visited the New Jersey Motorsport once before moving to Alabama, such a beautiful track.

    Just a heads up, your Instagram feed feature isn’t displaying while on your website. Thought I’d help a girl out!

    – Kerry J.

    1. Post

      Hi Kerry,

      Thanks for your comment and hello! My grandparents lived in Alabama; have you been to the track there? Thanks again for stopping by:)


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