FenSens Backup Camera Review

Disclaimer! This article will want you to purchase a FenSens for your car if it doesn’t have a backup camera installed šŸ˜‰

We were fortunate enough to partner with FenSens to share with you our experience with their backup camera.

Below, I’ll include screen shots and a quick video on how to install the license plate that has the camera in it. For me, this product is awesome! Easy to install and very useful if you don’t have a backup camera already installed in your vehicle. With that, let’s get to the video & pictures!

FenSens Backup Camera Review

The kit includes:

-Backup camera & sensor installed in a black license plate holder.

-Directions to set up your phone & connect to the camera via Bluetooth using the FenSens app.

-Small ‘button’ that goes insides your vehicle to connect the two devices.


-Nuts, screws, & claps if needed.


Steps to take:

  1. Charge your FenSens before use
  2. Ā Take off current license plate and put the black FenSens camera over current license plate, as shown in the video. I didn’t have to use the screws that came in the box, but all cars will be different so test to see which fits best!
  3. Once installed, turn on the FenSens camera & connect it via BlueTooth to your phone via directions from the FenSens App.
  4. You’ll see yourself on your phone if the camera & phone are connected!
  5. Place the small black button in your car & press when you’re ready to back up or park. The camera will show where you’re going, and the sensors will indicate if you are getting close to hitting something.

That’s it! Backup & Enjoy!

To purchase click here



*note: some license plates aren’t compatible with this product, so make sure you check before buying.

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