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Why My Dad Made Us Drive Manual

In today’s society, it is hard to find a manual car for sale. Automatics have taken over, and while some automatic cars are still amazing, there is nothing more empowering than driving a manual car through some back roads. Which led me to this blog post of Why My Dad Made Us Drive Manual.

I have three sisters and my Dad’s number one rule when we started driving was “it has to be manual”. At the time, I didn’t know what was so important about driving this stick machine, all I knew was that it was difficult and annoying. You want me to learn how to drive a car with three pedals, a stick, and hills….? Impossible Dad! Or so I thought. After months and months of training with my Dad and Mom, many hilly start stops, parallel parking, and what felt like near death experiences, I finally took to the manual wheel at age 16. I don’t regret a thing. In fact, I wish all cars are manual!! So, with that being said, let’s read up on why manual cars rock and why you should learn to drive one!

Why Manual Is Better Than Automatic

There are a lot of people who have gotten into my car and are impressed by one little thing… TT Man has a manual transmission. Or, I’m a chick who knows how to drive stick :). To some, it may seem impossible or pointless, but to those who drive manual cars, it is the greatest feeling. And here’s why you should learn right now!

You Can Drive Anything

I once asked my Dad “why learn stick? Why is it so important to you that all four of us learn to drive this impossible task?” To his response… “If you are out with friends, you are the only sober one, and your only option is a manual car… what would you do?” Good point Pops. See, driving a manual car means you can drive anything, at anytime, anywhere. No worries of not being able to get home safe because you are in full control of your vehicle. Therefore, you can never get stranded if your only option is a manual car!

Driving Abroad

Speaking of getting stranded, there’s no need to worry when traveling abroad. They all drive stick, even when you rent a car! So if you think you will luck out and get an automatic transmission, think again. Learn stick and travel the world.

It Minimizes Other Distractions

If you have ever driven a manual car you will know what I mean. Here is what you have to accomplish, in short terms, when driving stick….

  • Three Pedals (meaning you have to use your left foot) instead of two
  • Shifting evenly with those three pedals so your car runs smoothly
  • Using your right had to shift while controlling the steering wheel with your left hand
  • Doing all of this while paying attention to the road and your surroundings

Huh..? Talk about difficult! Now, try adding a distraction like a cell phone and good luck. Where’s that third hand coming from to even hold the phone? Driving manual teaches you to focus on multitasking within your car instead of multitasking on your phone. A definite reality check for those phone obsessed teenagers who think they can text and drive while shifting!

It Teaches You Patience

I know it is difficult to learn stick. I had to be taught and I have taught my younger sisters. Ask anyone who has driven a manual car and they will probably all tell you that it took a couple tries until fully understanding. Learning to drive stick is not something you wake up tomorrow and master within seconds. It takes time, focus, energy, and patience. It also takes a good teacher to show you the ropes. All three of my sisters and I thought we would never figure out this mechanism. We would start, stall, restart, stall, continue. It was very frustrating and difficult, especially when we had to focus on parallel parking too! Heck, I even stalled my car during my driving test for my licenses… But in the long run, it was totally worth it and I am glad I passed that test. Patience is the key, plus teaching your kids to drive manual is a great bonding experience. Which is rare with a 16-year-old!

You Can Attend Driving School

If you ever get the itch to go fast and drive a race car, you have to master the stick shift. All driving schools and most defensive driving classes require you to learn manual. They are all car people and understand it’s importance, so if you ever want to enhance your driving or think you want to be a race car driver, learn the stick shift!

It Makes For One Sweet Ride

How cool is it to drive a manual car? When people find out they will be so impressed. Not a lot of people know how or what a manual car is, so the fact that you can drive stick is awesome! Plus it gives you a sense of authority because you can do something not a lot of people can do. And your car will have some great kick once you learn how to handle it properly. Which makes showing off to friends ten times better. Pop it down a gear, pedal to the medal, and watch those jaws drop. Something every teenager would enjoy!


There you have it. I hoped I convinced you to learn how to drive a manual car. Give it a shot because once you learn you will never forget, just like muscle memory. You will be more confident and aware of your surroundings once you master the power of the stick. Not convinced? Hop in your friend’s manual car, drive some back roads, crank the music up, and enjoy the power. Because driving is always better when its manual!

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