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Crazy Cool Gifts For Your Car Loving Guy

December is soon approaching which means Christmas lists are starting to come out! As a gal who spends most of her weekends at a race track, I know a thing or two about cool gadgets any car guy would like. You could easily type into Google “great Christmas gifts for a car guy”, but how do you know what gadgets are worth gifting? Plus, you want something super unique for that special someone in your life, and while getting them a tool box is great, I am sure you could do better!

So with that, if you have a car loving guy in your life and are unsure of what to get them for Christmas, here’s my list of crazy cool gifts that will definitely impress!

Crazy Cool Gifts For Your Car Loving Guy

Before you read the list, I want to share with you some awesome websites I use to find rare gifts for the guys in my life ( dad, boyfriend, grandfathers, race friends, etc.).

The first one is called Cool Material. The name says it all. Such cool, unique guy inspired gifts I love!

The second is Gear Patrol. A mix of blogging and shopping with a guys touch.

The third is HiConsumption, which is my personal favorite. HiConsumption is a blog listing articles and reviews on really neat gadgets. I love the motorcycle articles they do. And of course, any car features.

And the last one, UncommonGoods, which you can use to shop for any gender!

So with that, let’s get to this crazy cool gifts list!

This Car Book:

Crazy Cool Gifts: Book

One of the best car books out there is called “Go Like Hell: Ford, Ferrari, and Their Battle for Speed and Glory at Le Mans.” This book takes you back to the 60’s during the 24 Hours of Le Mans race between Ford and Ferrari. Taking you through one of the hardest races ever, and an insane battle between cars, Go Like Hell is a must have for all gear heads!

You can check out more great books for car lovers by clicking this link!

Subscription To Car & Driver Or Motor Trend Magazines:

Two of my favorite magazines for many reasons. They both share up-to-date information on cars & the latest greatest in the automotive industry. They also share helpful tips on cars and fixing your vehicle.

Leather Driving Gloves:

Crazy Cool Gifts: Gloves

A good gift for guys and girls. In fact, I featured leather gloves in my article called “Fashion Essentials For The Road.” Leather gloves last forever and you feel so cool in them! These Ferrari Red Gloves are incredible.

These Driving Shoes:

Crazy Cool Gifts: Shoes

Everyone loves a good pair of driving shoes. Especially while driving a manual car! If your guy likes to drive like a race car driver… then these shoes would fit him perfectly! Easy heel-toe shifting, plus style. 🙂 Nothing says “bad-ass” more than Ferrari red!

Racer Watch:

Crazy Cool Gifts: Watch

This Autodromo watch screams racer. In fact, all of these watches are inspired by racing, hence the company name Autodromo. Very unique and not extremely expensive.

Leather Jacket:

Crazy Cool Gifts: Leather Jacket

I knew HiConsumption would do an article on cool leather jackets for men. You can browse through this site link to find one for your guy. Nothing is more manly than a great leather jacket and nice car!!

WeatherTech Floor Mats:

Crazy Cool Gifts: WeatherTech

Always a great Christmas gift! Their website makes finding the right mat size easy, plus you can always call customer service for help.


Crazy Cool Gifts: Radar

As long as you don’t live in Virginia where radar detectors are illegal, getting your guy a radar for Christmas is a perfect idea! This one (click right here) scrambles a police radar so apparently you won’t ever get caught 😉

This Really Techy Garage Opener:

Crazy Cool Gifts: Garage Opener

The Chamberlain MYQ-G0201 MyQ is a garage door opener you can access through your smartphone. Basically, you can open the garage door on-the-go. So if someone is pulling up and needs in, you can push one little button. It even notifies you when someone opens the garage door when you aren’t there!

Racing Simulator:

Crazy Cool Gifts

What a gift! Every guy, whether an avid racer or just car lover, would love to have a race simulator. Not only can they practice lap times on some pretty famous tracks, but race simulators will also enhance their street driving! Plus, nothing says “chill out” more than heading upstairs to a three monitor, surround sound, Ferrari 458 racing down Laguna Seca.. Just saying!

A Lamborghini Huracan (In Lime Green Of Course!):

Crazy Cool Gifts: Lambo

Ha! I threw this one up as a joke.. but I mean if you have the money to spend then go ahead and spend it on this bad boy! You will be crowned the best girlfriend/wife/mother ever! Never again will you have to clean up after dinner or do laundry because they would owe you for life!

Have any other gifting ideas for car lovers? I’d love to hear about them!

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